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What is the maximum distance a plane can go with no engine?


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From its starting position all the way to the ground. :)

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It depends on the distance, but for long distance it is the plane you should go with.

Altitude is the big factor, and an unpressurized plane can fly 30 minutes at 12,000 feet without oxygen for the pilot. If you fly the plane at a lower altitude, you can go as far as your fuel will let you.

this means you cant go another farther. your equation will not allow you to compute any more numbers farther than the maximum distance.

The car can go a maximum of 160kmh

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On a 737-800 which Ryanair operate, the maximum seat capacity is 189.

That depends on where you are travelling from. The further the distance, the higher the cost.

well i have a 44 magnum the maximum distance is 1 kilometre

On average, 1,442 miles, depending on where you start from and where you go to.

Maximum speed: Mach 2.5+ (1,650+ mph, 2,660+ km/h)

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depends on the distance, sometimes they use train.

AnswerTo go up something without a burst of work(to spread the work out through distance)

The distance covered by the Wright Brothers during their first flight was 120ft

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At least a 1300 cc. The bigger and more powerful the engine the greater the maximum possible speed.

The speed of the engine is defined as the maximum revolutions per minute of the crank, which would depend on engine design. 50cc chainsaws can rev to over 14,000rpm. The maximum speed of a vehicle with a 50cc engine would depend on its weight, the gearing, the fuel and the environment it is being ridden in. It is possible to tune a 50cc engine in a motorcycle to go over 100mph - but at the cost of engine longevity.

No it does not go in a plane

The maximum is however long your cord is, or however long your wireless reaches (if you're using a wireless mouse), you can also use extensions if you want it to go further.

Firstly, select the 'Plane' tool which can be found in the in-game inventory. Then, click 'Y' on your keyboard to start the engine of the plane. To stop the engine, press 'X'. Finally, to turn the plane, move your mouse towards the direction of where you want the plane to go and then click it. However, do note that some planes may have different controls but most of the planes should have the same controls.

The answer is no. A plane can fly many distances no matter what the weight is, unless it is too heavy, then it won't touch from the ground. The amount of fuel however does affect its distance. The more fuel you have the further a plane can go. However, if the plane is heavy it requires more fuel compared to a plane that is lighter going to the same destination.

You can only travel 90 degrees north, which is the North Pole. The poles are in a plane (all planes) perpendicular to the equator.

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