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live & Hotmail : 50MB

Yahoo : 20MB

Gmail : 25MB

Anything larger than that and you need to use a file upload website like

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Q: What is the maximum email attachment size for windows live mail?
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What is windows messages?

windows live messages is where you can send email to people and other people can email you.

Hbks email address on windows live messenger?

He doesn't have windows live messenger

What email is at live dot com?

windows live hotmail

What is smarterchild's email for windows live?

How do you delete windows live email address?

Sorry but it can not be done.

Can you sign in to Windows Live Messenger with multiple email?

no you can't

What is the best free email client for Windows 7?

The best free email client for Windows 7 is Windows Live Mail, although there are several that work well.

What exactly is a charter email?

Charter email is an email server you can sign up for. You can also sign up to have your Charter email work with your windows live, or outlook express depending on your version of windows.

Does windows live mail work with Hughes net email?


Is there a charge for having an account with Windows Live?

There is no charge to have an account with windows live. Windows Live is a free email service, in which a free account is set up, that can also be used with Windows Messenger and Microsoft accounts.

What is considered the best email program?

Some of the best email programs to me are the ones that are free. The top free email progams are: Mozilla Thunderbird a Windows email, Windows Live Mail, Opera,Pegasus, and Incredimail.

What is meant by Windows Live?

Windows Live is a live plug in to what is happening on Windows. Windows live allows customers to maintain and organize, email accounts, contact lists, social media, and various other things all in one place online.

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