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120 degrees

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Q: What is the maximum hot water temperature recommended by water heater manufacturers and most State safety agencies?
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What is the proper temperature for water in a hot tub?

Medical authorities have recommended maximum temperatures for safety not to exceed the range of 100-104°. This is for adults with a maximum time in the water of no longer than 15 minutes.

What is maximum temperature?

Maximum temperature depends on the planet, for instance, Pluto's maximun temperature is 44 degrees k. Maximum Temperature is the temperature of a planet, when it's at its hottest or coldest.

What is the maximum temperature of Jupiter?

The maximum temperature is 740 f

metformin maximum dosage?

What is the maximum dosage recommended for metformin?

What is the maximum temperature of ebonite rubber?

The hard rubber known as Ebonite or vulcanite has a softening temperature of about 80 °C with a recommended maximum operating temperature of about 85 °C. The recommended minimum operating temperature is about 0 °C.Note that there are other materials carrying the name "Ebonite". The black oil called Ebonite (from Cross Oil) has a flash point ranging from 210 °C to 282 °C, depending on the grade, and a boiling point somewhere in excess of 360 °C.

What is the maximum temperature on Saturn?

52.22 °C is the maximum temperature on Saturn.

What is the maximum temperature for a retail store by law?

there is no maximum temperature only a minimum.

Wrangler SRA LT26575R18 recommende pressure?

The maximum pressure is what some people use and that is stamped on the sidewall of the tire. Vehicle manufacturers recommend using the pressure recommended for your vehicle, usually located inside the driver door panel.

Maximum how many shims can ve used for pump alignment?

A maximum of three to four shims is recommended.

What is the maximum number of words of recommended for a billboard ad?


What is maximum minimum temperature of submarine XLPE cables?

Xlpe maximum working temperature is 90 and minimum working temperature is 0 c

Why does the temperature of a reaction increases reaches a maximum and then decreases?

The maximum temperature is attained when the reaction is completed.

What is the maximum height recommended for waste outlet for a kitchen sink?

2 ft would be the maximum.

What is important safety information found on a boats capacity plate?

The maximum persons capacity in whole number of persons and in pounds, the maximum weight capacity in pounds, and the maximum horsepower capacity if recommended for use with an outboard engine. Also the maximum weight of the outboard if so recommended

How many pins does a PATA cable have and What is the maximum recommended length of a PATA Cable?

40 Pins and 80 wires. Maximum recommended length is 18" but can purchase 24" cables.

I left a filet mignon roast out all night and it's now room temperature Is it still safe to eat?

No. The recommended maximum is 2 hours at room temp. Your health is not worth it.

What is the average temperature the Savanna?

The average temperature annually at Savanna is 19.1 Degree centigrade.Avg. Maximum Temperature: 24.70C. Avg. Maximum Temperature: 13.3 0C

What is the maximum and minimum temperature for Saturn?

The maximum temperature of Saturn is 11,700C (at its core). The minimum temperature of Saturn is -178C (at its cloud tops).

What is insolation temperature Lag?

It is the time delay between a maximum or minimum insolation and maximum or minimum air temperature

What is the maximum recommended length of a PATA cable?


What is the Condition that requires cables not to exceed a recommended maximum length?


Nasal cannula oxygen liter flow maximum?

10 Liters is most manufacturer's recommended maximum

What is the recommended maximum charging voltage for a 12 volt gel cell battery?

15.5 volts maximum.

Jupiter's Maximum Temperature?

The average temperature of Jupiter is -234 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temperature Jupiter reaches is around 43,000 degrees Fahrenheit at its core.

What is the maximum temperature in degrees Celsius on Venus?

hi the maximum temperature in degrese celsius on venus is 460 degrese celsius