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What is the Maximum penalty for being unlawfully in a dwelling house?

What is a person's rights in his abode or House? When can someone throw him out. Is it legal with a Power of Attorney????? Please let me know ok?

What is the purpose of the habous corpus?

To prevent someone being unlawfully detained.

What is the penalty for being off sides?

The Penalty for being offsides is five yards.

What is manslaughter?

In law, manslaughter is the act of killing another human being unlawfully, but not wilfully.

What is the penalty for being hit by your own ball while in a hazard?

2 shot penalty

What is the purpose of the penalty arc?

The penalty arc ensures that all players are at least 10 yards away when a penalty kick is being taken. It is not considered to be part of the penalty area.

How many illegal immigrants are being deported?

200,000 unlawfully present foreign nationals were deported from the United States in 2005.

What is the penalty for a blood being with a crip?


What is the penalty for being a fugitive from justice?

what is thepenalty for being a fugitive in state of michigan

What is the penalty of being impeached and convicted?

they are removed from office

What is the penalty for not appearing after being subpoena?

You are in Contempt of Court.

What is the punishment for being racist?

There is no penalty for racism. -BrainQuiz

In hockey if a team scores with a delayed penalty and they are short handed is the penalty still assessed?

No, the delayed call is waived, but the current penalty being served remains enforced.

What is a class c felony in Washington state?

Generally speaking, a felony is a crime for which the sentence may be more than one year in prison. In the state of Washington, there are three classes of felonies: Class A (maximum penalty of life in prison and $50,000 fine) Class B (maximum penalty 10 years in prison and $20,000 fine) Class C (maximum penalty 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine) Sentencing in felony cases is governed by the Sentence Reform Act of 1981, which established determinate sentencing based on the seriousness level of the offense (levels I - XVI; level I being the least serious) and the defendant's "offender score."

Is burglary in Georgia a violent crime?

Burglary is a property crime and is not a violent crime against a person.Added: But it is a Felony offense.Unsure about Georgia, but in many locations there is a distinction in the statutes between burglary of a residential dwelling and a commercial building.Also, burglary of an occupied dwelling, or the burglary of one committed after dark, carries an enhanced penalty due to the greatly increased likliehood of persons being present in the resididence at the time.

During Old Testament times what was the penalty for being for being unmarried and pregnant?


What penalty for the US citizen marrying an illegal?

The exact type of penalty for such crime is not being defined yet; but all of them are heavy.

How much jail time for burglary of unoccupied dwelling in Florida?

The amount of jail time depends on the degree (first degree being the worse) up to a maximum sentence of 30 years, 3rd degree is about 5 years max, and a fine of $ 5000.00

You assaulted a police officer but you're being charged with assault by contact what's the punishment?

Assault on a Police Officer is a felony crime in most jurisdictions I am aware of. The maximum penalty that can be imposed is set by your particular state's legislature.

What is penalty for being late for a tee time?

Two strokes

What is the penalty of drugs at the Olympic?

Disqualification and being sent home.

Is there a penalty for lying on a resume?

Of course there could be a penalty. It being that you might not get the job if the employer finds out you're lying about important information.

A typical homeowner insurance pllicy does not cover the dwelling living expenses while damage to the residence is being repaired personal property within the dwelling or cars in the garage on the prop?


Argument for the death penalty?

The argument for deth penalty is that innocent people have death penalty and that it is irreversible to bring him back to life. The innocent could be killed instead of the actual killer being killed.

In 1646 Massachusetts had the death penalty for what offense?

-Being a stubborn child...