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What is the meaning for word flirt?


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The word flirt means to be gazing into the other genders eyes looking cute in a way that you would think that they are in love.

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to flirt = פלירטט (fleertet)flirt (noun) = פלירט (fleert)

There are no prefixes or suffixes; the word has only one syllable and is not a compound, so the whole word and the root are the same.

Coqueter (noun) derived from French word "coquet" meaning to flirt. Pronounced ko-ket A term for a man who flirts A flirtatious man

Every weekend she would go to the dance and flirt with the men that were there.

Adjective forms of the noun flirt include flirty or flirtacious. The meaning of these two words is practically the same.

I don't know if there's a better word than this, but isn't the word you looking for "flirt"? In context: "I hate that girl, she's such a flirt!"

Landi is a filipino word for flirt or it depends upon usage. For example, Landi Mo it means you are a flirt.

Actually, "malandi" means "Flirt"....

A hoe is something you garden with. A flirt will flirt with a guy if they like him a little. A ** is someone who flirts with ALL the guys, does innappropriate things, and is a word Santa uses frequently.

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As a noun they are interchangeable, I think, except coquettes are always women and maybe a man can be a flirt, but the word is not used much for men.

Flirtatious has three syllables. Flirt/a/tious

Of course it is ok to flirt if you like someone or something you can flirt it is alright to flirt

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"What is exact meaning of word editing in multimedia?" "What is exact meaning of word editing in multimedia?" "What is exact meaning of word editing in multimedia?"

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