What is the meaning of 'moderately retarded'?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is the meaning of 'moderately retarded'?
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What portion of the mentally disabled are classified as moderately retarded?

About 10% of the mentally retarded population is considered moderately retarded.

What is the IQ range of moderately retarded individuals?

Moderately retarded individuals have IQ scores ranging from 35-55.

What type of living arrangements are usually necessary for the moderately to profoundly retarded?

Moderate to profoundly retarded individuals usually require supervised community living.

What lifestyle can a moderately retarded person succeed in?

They can carry out work and self-care tasks with moderate supervision.

What has the author Sharon Evans written?

Sharon Evans has written Reading achievement program for the moderately and severely retarded.

What is the meaning of loosu in Tamil?

Mentally retarded person.

What supervision is needed for a moderately retarded individual?

They typically acquire communication skills in childhood and are able to live and function successfully within the community in a supervised environment such as a group home.

What is the meaning of Moderately differentiated?

Being partially differentiated, or not terminally differentiated.

What does the term moderately mean?

Moderately is an adjective meaning within the regular limits and not to the extreme. Being moderately opposed to something would mean that one does not advocate radical ideology. One is more in the middle with one's opinions.

What does retarded literally mean?

The word retard means to slow down. The literal meaning is slow or slowed.

What is the 6 letter word meaning the state quality or sensation of being moderately hot?


Can only a living thing be retarded?

As in mentally retarded, yes, only something with a brain can be mentally retarded. The GROWTH of plants can be retarded, which means they are not growing as fast as they should.