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The Meaning of the Name Ashley is, Ash Wood and origins come from the English.

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2009-03-29 12:35:39
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Q: What is the meaning of Ashley?
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What does the name Ashley mean in Hebrew?

the name Ashley has no meaning in Hebrew.

What does Ashley renee mean in Hebrew?

Ashley Renee has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.

What is the meaning to the name Ashley for a girl?

Ashley means 'From The Ash-tree Grove'.

Where did the name Ashley originate from?

The origin of the name Ashley is English. The meaning of it is from the ash tree.

Meaning for the name Ashley?

It comes from the English name, meaning "from the ash tree".

What is the meaning for the name Ashley?

It comes from the Ash Tree.

What does Ashley mean in Japanese?

Ashley in Japanese has no real translation and doesn't mean anything in Japanese but you can spell and pronounce it (I can't spell it with the keys I have but it's pronounced like this: Ashurii)

What is the meaning of Ashuri in Japanese?

Ashuri has no meaning in Japanese, but it is a romanized way of spelling the name Ashley.

What is the meaning of Ashley in Japanese?

It's not a Japanese name. It has no real translation. Ashley does not mean anything in Japanese. However, it can be written: アシュリー

What origion is the name Ashley?

The origin of the first name Ashley is English. The meaning of this name is lives in the ash tree grove and is a popular American name.

Is Ashley argota pinay?

Ashley Argota is an American actress, known for her role as Lulu on True Jackson, VP. She is of Filipino descent, meaning she is Pinay.

What is the meaning of the name Ashleigh?

Ashleigh is a variant of Ashley, which means 'ash tree clearing'.

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