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French landscape gardener who designed many formal gardens including the parks of Versailles. He was a gardener of King Louis XIV of France.

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"notre" exists as a word in French. It is a possessive meaning either our or ours. notre chien aboie : our dog barks. c'est le notre : it's ours.

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What is the name of your school?

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Ile de la Cité or le Parvis de Notre Dame

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Notre Dame Catholic College - Liverpool -'s motto is 'Ah Quil Est Bon Le Bon Dieu'.

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Map of Notre Dame de Paris?

Notre Dame is located right in the middle of Paris, on the "île de la cité". For information on how to get there, follow the link.

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le is a masculine article in French, meaning 'the'. Ex: le chien > the dog le soir > the evening

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