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What is the meaning of Pony in the Pile?


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The familiar story is of the optimist who is sent to Hell and discovers that he's up to his shoulders in manure. He immediately jumps into the pile of manure and gleefully starts swimming around. A pessimist walks up (they always do) and asks the optimist why he's so happy. The optimist replies that with all this manure, there's got to be a pony somewhere.

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Pony, meaning a small horse or a small glass, is noun. (She rode a pony) Pony, meaning to pay or contribute, is a verb. (He must pony up his share. )

shank's pony is an expression meaning travelling by foot

An anagram of REG PONY meaning offspring is progeny.

The word pony means a young horse. (There is also a less common meaning in the phrase "pony up" meaning to present money for a bet.)

Pony, on its own, is not a verb but a noun. However, "pony up" is a (slang) verb meaning to pay a bill or make a loan.

horses are measured in hands so a horse is above 14.2hands whereas a pony is under 14.2hh

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The word "pony" comes from the French poulenet, which is a diminutive of poulain, meaning "colt." The implication is that a pony is not much bigger than the foal of a standard-sized horse.

heap as in " we landed in a heap of smelly clothes"

Latin cumulus "a heap, pile, mass, surplus"

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IT rhymes with pile like niall pile

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