What is the meaning of a 'pirated operating system'?

Pirated:In terms of computing is act of copying the software in illegal form and against law. More, the details of user is not provided to the software vendor, nor price of license.

The license is a certificate that show that your software is genuine. There are a lot of advantages of using genuine software, but due to lack of money, or just to have try, people across world are using Pirated Software to make their work on.

Please note that these are applicable on complete and commercial application. Not applicable for free and Open Source application.

So, Pirated Operating System is somewhat an Operating System, like Windows XP or Vista, whose license and certificate of originality is not with the user.

I want to bring this to our all reader that Piracy is Crime. And don't try to be Hero to play against Law.

In case of lack of Money, Better Try Open Source.

Linux and other flavor of Linux are open source. Go and select one for you. It can be downloaded or shipped to you.