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It probably doesn't mean anything. The tattoo probably just looked cool.

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Q: What is the meaning of a sun tattoo in the middle part of your upper back?
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Does Kendall Schmidt have a tattoo?

Yes, he has a peace sign like in the middle/upper part of his back another one on his left shoulder. :D

What is the tattoo on Frank Iero's upper back of?

It's a tattoo that says "keep the faith"

Does Matt Ryan Falcons have a tattoo?

Yes! Matt Ryan has a tattoo on his upper back

Where on the back is best for a tattoo?

People have different beliefs on where they believe it is best on the the back to get a tattoo. One may want to get it on one's lower back or upper back, on either side of the back, or so on.

What is the name of Randy Orton's upper back Tattoo and the name of the tattoo on his left upper right arm?

People have said it's called a tribal, i personally am not sure

Does Simon Dumont have a tattoo?

Yes he does. it is on the back of his left upper arm.

Did Cory Monteith have a tattoo?

Yes, Cory Monteith had a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images included below.Yes, Cory Monteith had a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images inclued below.No, Monteith does not appear to have a tattoo on his back, but he does have a large tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images inclued below.

Does Jennifer Stone have a tattoo?

Jennifer Stone does have a tattoo. In fact she got another one in the back of her neck on the upper part

Does Jesse McCartney have any tattoo's?

He has the word Departure across his upper back.

What is the tattoo on Trey Songz's arm?

The tattoos on the upper part of Trey Songz's arms is a continuation of the Angel wings from his back. Trey has several tattoo on his chest, back, and arms.

What is tae heckards tattoo of?

the one on her upper back is the Chinese symbol for the word LOVE

How many tattoos does nick cannon?

He has one tattoo on his upper back that says Mariah

What could be wrong if you have upper middle back pain and it hurts to breathe or reach for something?

upper back pain worst when breathing in and out

What is the meaning of a black heart in a tattoo on lower back?


Can getting a tattoo on the upper back affect an early pregnancy?

No these two things are not connected at all.

Does Jon gosselin have a tattoo?

Yes, he does he has Korean flag somewhere on his upper body on his shoulder or on his back.

What does Ryan sheckler's tattoo say?

He has a tattoo that says SHECKLER on his upper back! He also has a tattoo on his right arm that says fear and a tattoo on his left arm that says god. Now he has a tattoo that reads skate life till death across both of his arms: ) I want to see a picture of Shecklers tottoo on his back which has his name.

Where is the best hidding spot for a tattoo?

Wrist, the upper part of the leg, lower back, I don't know.

Max thieriot tattoo?

yes he has 2 tattoos one on his upper left arm and the other one is on the back of his neck

Does Aston Merrygold have a tattoo on his back?

The musical symbol is at the top of his back at the middle and he has stars on his neck below his ear

Does milo ventimiglia have a tattoo?

Yes, Milo has a star tattoo on his right bicep. He also has some initials on his upper left arm and a dragon on the back of one of his legs.

Where is the best place to have a mermaid tattoo?

The best place to have a mermaid tattoo is a matter of preference. Most people have it on the lower back, forearm or the upper arm near the shoulder.

What is the meaning of a tattoo on a females lower back?

It doesn't "mean" anything. It's just a popuplar placement for a tattoo among females.

What muscle is located in the upper part of your back in the middle?


What is the meaning of a Celestial tattoo?

The meaning to a celestial tattoo is the way of life! There are some people that no matter what they always keep going. They always keep reaching for the stars and don't let naybody or anything get in the way. I have a celestial tattoo on my back. It is the sun and in the middle of the sun I have a star and on the side is the moon. This tattoo means a lot to me. It has meaning for my three kids that I have. And it also represents me leaving a domestic violence relationship I was in for many years. I feel that my kids were the only reason for my living and that's who I live for. I reached for the sun,moon and the stars and I have accomplished it.