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What is the meaning of calatrava?

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Calatrava was (and may still be) city extreme southern borders of Castile (Spain). The origin and original meaning of the word is "fortress of Rabah".

The Order of the Calatrava was formed to protect this place. Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect and designer:

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When was Álex Calatrava born?

Álex Calatrava was born in 1973.

When was Santiago Calatrava born?

Santiago Calatrava was born on July 28, 1951.

When was Calzada de Calatrava created?

Calzada de Calatrava was created in 12##.

What is the population of Moral de Calatrava?

The population of Moral de Calatrava is 5,701.

When was the architect Santiago Calatrava born?

Santiago Calatrava, in full Santiago Calatrava Valls, was born on the 28th of July in 1951. Santiago is a Spanish architect, artist and even an engineer.

How old is Santiago Calatrava?

Santiago Calatrava is 63 years old (birthdate: July 28, 1951).

What do santiago calatrava do?

he is an architect

When did José María Calatrava y Peinado die?

José María Calatrava y Peinado died in 1846.

When was José María Calatrava y Peinado born?

José María Calatrava y Peinado was born in 1781.

What is Santiago Calatrava most famous for?

Santiago Calatrava is most famous for being an architect. Calatrava is of Spanish heritage but maintains a principal office in Zurich, Switzerland. He has also done work as a sculptor and structural engineer.

What was the era of santiago calatrava?

the renaissance

What has the author Santiago Calatrava written?

Santiago Calatrava has written: 'Dynamische Gleichgewichte' 'Hohe Hauser (Edition HL-Technik)' 'Santiago Calatrava' -- subject(s): Architectural design, Architectural drawing, Architecture, Architecture, Modern, Catalogs, Exhibitions, Modern Architecture, Notebooks, sketchbooks, Structural design, Technological innovations, Themes, motives 'SANTIAGO CALATRAVA. Quadracci Pavilion. Milwaukee Art Museum' 'Santiago Calatrava' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

Where does santiago calatrava live now?


Who designed the Sundial Bridge in Redding?


What has the author Bernd Schwenk written?

Bernd Schwenk has written: 'Calatrava' -- subject(s): History, Military religious orders, Orden de Calatrava

Who designed the Athens Olympics Sports Complex?

Santiago Calatrava

Where was Santiago Calatrava born?

= Valencia, Spain, see: = Calatrava was born in Benimámet, an old municipality now integrated as an urban part of Valencia, Spain.

When did santiago calatrava die?

Very simply he hasn't he is still, as of 2009, alive.

What is Santiago Calatrava's birthday?

Santiago Calatrava was born on July 28, 1951.

What is the population of Calzada de Calatrava?

Calzada de Calatrava's population is 4,539.

What is the population of Carrión de Calatrava?

Carrión de Calatrava's population is 2,931.

What is the population of Granátula de Calatrava?

Granátula de Calatrava's population is 941.

What actors and actresses appeared in El in... moral - 1976?

The cast of El in... moral - 1976 includes: Rafaela Aparicio Manuel Calatrava Francisco Calatrava Mir Ferry Mary Lamas Mirta Miller Loreta Tovar

Who was The architect for the Dallas bridge designs intended as part of the Trinity River project?

Santiago calatrava

What is the birth name of Francisco Calatrava?

Francisco Calatrava's birth name is Francisco Garca Lpez.