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What is the meaning of conflict?

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Conflict is.....

A very sharp disagreement or a fight.

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What is the Tamil meaning of conflict?

conflict means muRan

Meaning of conflict?

A conflict is a serious disagreement or argument.

How can put conflict meaning into a sentence?

The conflict was slowly escalating.

What is the meaning of conflict in a story?

a slotion to a problem.

What is the denotative meaning of adversary?

The denotative meaning of adversary is one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.

Peace and conflict studies meaning and concept of peace?

Peace does not mean the total absence of conflict but the capacity to put conflict indicators or conflict situations under control without distablizing the system

What is the meaning of a confliot in a story?

If you mean conflict . It is the problem in the story .

What is an external conflict that Scrooge had?

He was conflicted over the meaning of Christmas

What is the meaning of conflict in English?

The meaning of 'conflict' is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. "the eternal conflict between the sexes"synonyms: dispute, quarrel, squabble, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension or to be incompatible or at variance; clash. "parents' and children's interests sometimes conflict" synonyms: clash, be incompatible, be inconsistent, be incongruous, be in opposition, be at variance, vary, be at odds, be in conflict, come into conflict, differ, diverge, disagree, contrast, collide .

Where does conflict come from?

Conflict comes from the latin word Conxious meaning lack of ability to maintain proper affiliations among one another.

What is the meaning of the acronym PACSA?

PACSA stands for Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology.

Words with same meaning as stressful?

the conflict comes at a tense time? what is the synonym

What do you think about the following statement Global culture is a culture of conflict it has been since times immemorial .?

"Global culture", meaning a culture interconnected worldwide? "A culture of conflict", meaning a culture that is in conflict with itself? I think the statement makes sense, as human nature has always been in conflict with itself, which leads to tension and confusion in all areas of human culture (apparently).

Open a can of worms?

Revive an old argument or conflict. Reintroduce an upsetting subject. Cause conflict or dischord. The same meaning for the phrase "airing old skeletons".

Conflict its meaning like conflict or the body of the story?

Conflict is the contention between some 'character' in the story and his objective.In Moby Dick Captain Ahab has a conflict with life. He is obsessed with hunting down and killing the white whale.In Fahrenheit 451 the fireman is disturbed by the reason behind burning books

What is the conflict in Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life?

they both get caught in a private property office with fake names

How do you use the word Permutations in a sentence?

"The permutations of meaning in the treaty would all about insure conflict later."

How is Scrooge's inner conflict resolved?

The ghosts finally manage to show scrooge the true meaning of Christmas

Mention two states of India having conflict with the central government?

There is nothing like conflict between central and state governments. It is democratic set up in India meaning thereby that there might be governments of two different parties in states and in the centre. It does not mean that they are in conflict with each other.

What does internal conflict mean?

A conflict that deals with self in meaning with it's emotions. Example: i hate being alone, my hart is breaking it is the problem inside the character, the feelings,emotions,and fears specifically going on with that character.

What type of conflict is illustrated by this scenario A man questions his religious teachings and seeks the meaning of life?

individual vs. the universe

What is the name and the meaning of the Roman god of war?

The Roman god of war was called Mars. His name means "battle, conflict".

Is fight an adverb?

No. Fight is a noun, meaning combat or conflict. For an adverb, you would have to use a form of a synonym, such as combatively or conflictingly.

What does person vs person mean?

The meaning of person vs. person is a struggle between a person and another person.It all has to do with conflict. Person vs person is a conflict between two individuals. Person vs nature is well a conflict against nature like natural disasters. Person vs self is an inner conflict like guilt and may conflict between person vs society.

What is conflict and solution to it in organization?

Conflict in an organization can be employee conflict, team conflict, and organizational conflict. Solutions to conflict in an organization can be found by using Conflict Resolution tactics such as managing the conflict at hand, and managing the roots of the conflict to avoid future conflict.