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A CVT is a type of automatic transmission that is very different from normal auto transmissions. CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. The theory behind CVT is that there are infinite gear combinations. There are no set "gears".

What I mean by this is your normal auto transmission will have 3,4, 5 up to 8 specific gears. The transmission finds the right gear and then move up or down to the next set gear depending on your driving needs. Regardless of how smooth an automatic transmission is there will still be a momentary loss of power when the gears shift.

Not so in a CVT

CVT's have no set gears. They start a high ratio to get you started and then roll along a cone "continuously" changing the ratio, with no power loss and "infinite" combinations, giving fuel economy increases and super smooth acceleration. The downside to CVT is the add weight.

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Q: What is the meaning of cvt on automatic transmission?
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Does the 2010 Jeep Patriot come in an automatic transmission?

No, only the CVT (continuously variable transmission)

How do you find out006 Honda Civic is aCVT transmission?

Only the Hybrid Civic has the CVT transmission. All other Civic's have the 5 speed automatic. Unless you have a Hybrid you do not have a CVT transmission.

What is the difference between a continuous variable transmission and an automatic transmission?

A CVT transmission is a type of automatic transmission. It can provide any ratio between its minimum and maximum limits.

Is the 4L60 or the 4L60E a CVT transmission?

NO it is an automatic gear drivin transmission that has alot og common failures

Does a 2005 mountaineer have a cvt transmission?

On a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer : ( No , I believe it is the 5R55S , 5 speed automatic transmission )

What is cvt fluid?

CVT means continuously variable transmission and CVT fluid is transmission fluid for such a transmission.

Does a 2005 Mercury Sable have a chain on the transmission?

No , it has a 4 speed automatic transmission ( transaxle ) It doesn't have a continuously variable transmission ( CVT )

What is CVT transmission?

Cvt stands for continuously variable transmission

Is the shifter on an CVT connected to the transmission?

A CVT is a Continuously Variable Transmission so if You see the Question It self its a bit redundant. But yes a shift Linkage or shifter is always connected to the transmission whether it is a manual Trans or an Automatic

Transmission fluid civic?

Unless you have a CVT transmission use only genuine Honda ATF-DW1 automatic transmission fluid. Use nothing else.

Does a 2006 Nissan Maxima have a cvt transmission?

It has a 5 speed automatic. 2007 was the first year to use the dreaded

Can you use cvt gearbox oil in a transmission of a mini cooper?

If it is a CVT transmission then yes you can use cvt gearbox oil in a mini cooper.

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