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To leave a light burning for someone means expecting someone to come home or visit. Its a term of endearment to show someone you were expecting them, or hoping they would come.

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Is the reaction of burning magnesium exothermic or endothermic?

They key word is burning, meaning the reaction releases heat and light. Therefore it is exothermic.

How long has the longest burning light bulb been burning?

Lovermore's Centennial Light is the longest burning light, 108 years in.

Is a burning candle a light sources?

a burning candle is a light source due to the fire.

What is the medical term meaning burning pain?

Causalgia is the medical term meaning burning pain: algia~pain, Caus/o~burning

Another word meaning 'burning'?

The anwser4 is combustion

Does burning cotton leave ash?


What is the medical term meaning burning?

The term for burning is combustion.caus/o

What are the energy transformations of a burning match?

when the burning match is not use it is chemical energy when you light the match is produces light and heat also it is chemical,light,heat :)

What is the meaning of incineration?

The meaning of incineration is the burning of waste materials in a furnace.

Does the sun have light?

the sun is a burning ball of gas which is light.

Is it safe to leave fireplace burning at night?

No. Never.

Does burning orange peels leave ash?


Why melting of wax is difference than burning of wax?

Melting wax will leave a liquid wax in the container. Burning wax (candle, for example) will mean that there will not be any wax left in the container. The wax has been used up in producing light.

What is the meaning of calcification?

it is the burning of carbonate ore

What is meaning of Hindi name Ashneeta?

after burning

What are two words meaning longing to leave?

Longing to leave meaning, I don't want to stay & yet I don't want to leave you.

Where is the longest burning light bulb?

Livermore's Conntenental Light Bulb

How light is produce?

Due to continues burning of a substances light is produced

A burning candle is what kind of energy?

A burning candle produces thermal energy and light.

What is the medical term meaning intense burning pain after an injury to a sensory nerve?

Causalgia is the medical term meaning burning pain.CausalgiaCaus/o means burning-algia means paincausalgia

What does magnesium ribbon leave after burning?

MgO, Magnesium oxide.

What are the release dates for Burning Man and the Meaning of Life - 2013?

Burning Man and the Meaning of Life - 2013 was released on: USA: 1 July 2013

Does burning of fossil fuels release light energy?

Oil, gas and coal burning always releases light or radiant energy. This is due to the high temperature of the burning material in the flame, it becomes incandescent.

What are long streaks of bright light caused when a meteoroid gets close to the ground as its burning up?

The meteroid is burning up, like you said, so the light behind it is just the material of the meteoroid burning.

Is a burning candle a source of heat?

Yes. If you put your hand in or near a burning candle, it is hot, meaning a burning candle is a source of heat.