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The definition of the word haunting is " poignantly sentimental; enchantingly or eerily evocative"

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Q: What is the meaning of hauntingly?
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What is another word for dark beauty?

hauntingly beautiful

What are the release dates for Food Hound Tidbits - 2011 Hauntingly Good Food 2-18?

Food Hound Tidbits - 2011 Hauntingly Good Food 2-18 was released on: USA: 2012

What type of music did Billie Holiday Sing?

The blues, and devastatingly, beautifully, hauntingly. She sang it, lived it, died it

Europa Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile is a hauntingly familiar instrumental by whom?

None other than Carlos Santana.

What does it mean to sing acapela?

Acapella singing is a manner of singing without any musical accompaniment. Literally meaning 'in the manner of the church' in Italian, this type of singing can be hauntingly beautiful and is best known as sung by Gospel singers and Barber Shop Groups It's style crosses all genres of music.

Did they play music while the Titanic sank?

Yes, the Titanic's band played until the ship was at such an angle that they could not stand. The very last song played was "nearer my god to thee." The hauntingly sad melody was definitely the perfect song to be the last played.

What song caused people to commit suicide?

The hauntingly beautiful (Reflections of My Life) by the marmalade is probably the most notorious suicide- oriented song, it is depressive and does not make light of the fatal act, unlike (Running Bear) which had comedic overtones on a very sad subject.

What is the name of the piano song in seven pounds that is played towards the end of the film?

Bird York HAVE NO FEAR The afore mentioned answer is not correct. The exact song was difficult to find. It's not on the sound track CD. The name of this is "The Crisis" by Ennio Morricone, from "The Legend of 1900." Hauntingly beautiful!

What was the old sci fi movie where astronauts landed on a planet to investigate a distress signal and found a space ship with giant alien bones covered in dust creature double feature?

I'm not sure about the double feature part; but the movie plot is hauntingly familiar to Alien (linked below).

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The Meaning of Meaning was created in 1923.

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