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Materials storing is when businesses use warehouses to store their materials. Managers must make sure they find the best warehouse based on the type of goods they have.

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The element used for storing and transporting radioactive materials is what?

The correct answer is LEAD. You can find the same question/answer if you type in "The element used for storing and transporting radioactive materials is?" in the search bar.

What element is used for storing and transporting radioactive materials?


The element used for storing and transporting radioactive materials is?


What is the cell structure used for storing materials called?


What factors affect heat storing of materials?

heat capacity and mass

What is the meaning of a small building for storing things?


What are the two major hazards involved in handling and storing materials?

Size and shape

What does the Vacoule do for the animal cell?

The function of the vacuole is for transporting & storing materials inside the cell. It allows materials to enter & exit the cell.

Use flammable in a sentence?

Containers storing flammable materials should be clearly marked.

What is the meaning of water storage in Marathi?

Pani sathavane means storing water in marathi

What is the function of a vocuole?

A vacuole is an organelle found in plants that used for storing water and other materials(like waste).

Why did people hoard goods and materials during the war?

As raw materials became more and more scarce people resorted to storing away food and materials in an attepted to future proof themselves against the constant shortages

What is the meaning of incineration?

The meaning of incineration is the burning of waste materials in a furnace.

What is packing and shipping?

Packing is basically the process of organizing and storing things or materials in a certain container. Shipping on the other hand, is the process of sending the packed materials to a certain place of choice.

What did ancient a Mesopotamia grain warehouses look like?

large building used for storing raw materials and manufactured goods.

What is the difference between storing on your device and storing on cloud?

storing on your device means storing whatever you want in device. storing on the cloud means storing it in the cloud.

What precautionary measures should be observed in using storing and disposing household materials?

When storing household chemicals it is important to keep them where children and pets cannot come in contact with them. When disposing of them, it is important that the chemicals do not contaminate water supplies.

How should you store poisons such as cyanides?

Each country has individual safety reglementations, very severe, for storing and disposing materials with cyanides.

Which type of materials are best suited to store heat collection from the sun?

Water... believe it or not, water has some of the best properties for storing heat.

What is the meaning of Golgi body?

Organelles that are transport materials

Which technology of storing and reading only two states?

Are you meaning "Binary"? I.e., On / Off, One / Zero, Yes / No?

How are marketing process carry out for eg like raw materials what are the raw materials used in production and marketing and meaning of raw materials?

Carbon dioxide

What the meaning of Translucent materials?

example: tracing paper. translucent materials let some light through but not all of it

What are the meterals of a nickel eliment?

The meaning of 'element' is that there are no other materials in the substance. Nickel is an element, so it has no other materials in it.

What is the meaning of vial?

A vial, or phial, is a small container, usually made of glass, which is used for storing liquids - often medicines.

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