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What is the meaning of nonbiodegradable plastic and biodegrable plastic?


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non-biodegradable plastic is a kind of plastic which is not easily decomposed by nature and vice versus

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plastic is nonbiodegradable and contributes to pollution

No. It's usually made of plastic.

plastic being nonbiodegradable leads to pollution the can rip easily

Nonbiodegradable waste is basically "trash that doesn't decompose naturally". Meaning that bacteria will not break it down and turn it into topsoil. Thinks like banana peels will decompose very quickly, thus they are biodegradable. But plastics, foams, and metals will not decompose, thus they are nonbiodegradable.

nonbiodegradable means that a particular object is not able to break down naturally, such as man made plastic.

Biodegrable are the substances that are coumsumed by decomposers.. non biodegrable substances are cannot be consubed by decomposers...

No. Metal is not biodegradable.

green bin for biodegrable and for blue bin non biodegrable

We are the only organisms that we know of that can understand and apply scientific knowledge to create nonbiodegradable substances.

Plastic bags are nonbiodegradable so they pollute the environment by entering the food chain. The chemicals used in this either mix with the soil or are eaten by animals and accumulate in the food chain so that predators can be killed.

Biodegradable and nonbiodegradable

It means overtime while an inanimate object is in a certain spot on the ground and it can be reduced and goes into the ground. It takes many decades for things to biodegrade.

Hundreds, 400-700 I think, but I'm not certain, landfill sites do not provide good conditions for nonbiodegradable plastics to degrade,

won't decay or dissolve/ breakdown

silver is non biodegrable

Polystyrene is not biodegradable

Plastic is an insulator meaning it does not conduct heat .

No. It is Biodegradable unlike Plastic, witch is non biodegradable. ( I highly appreciate your concern for the environment. So next time feel free to carry your food wrapped in Aluminium foil. )

No, paper will biodegrade (it is an organic material).

I think it is because "pla" comes from the Latin meaning "material" and stic meaning "new".

biodegradable nonbiodegradable are produce in the market

it is a nonbiodegradable substance, it corrodes, slowly.

Biodegradable materials are substances can be consumed by microorganisms (can be decomposed). Food waste, paper, linens, and wood are all examples. On the other hand, most things like metal, ceramics, and plastic are not readily biodegradable.

Inorganic means that it is non biodegrable . so, it is inorganic silt.

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