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physical fitness

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Q: What is the meaning of partial curl -up and trunk lift?
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What is the meaning of partial curl-up and trunk lift?

tang ina mo

What skill does the trunk lift test?

Strength is the skill in which the trunk lift test is aimed at.

Why do you need to perform trunk lift?

The trunk lift is a procedure that is used to measure trunk extensor strength and flexibility. The objective of a trunk lift is to lie face-down on the floor and lift the upper body using only the muscles in one's back. This position is then held and measured.

How do you build muscle at home?

Sit ups, push ups, if you have excersize machines use them. Stretch. Curl ups, trunk lift (thats when you lay on your stomach andhave your legs straight and hands at your side and try to lift your head/neck/upper chest up.

How can you improve a trunk lift?


What is the benefits of trunk-lift exercise?

The trunk lift exercise helps to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. This exercise is also good for your hips and makes it stronger.

How can you break into the trunk of a 1998 Mercedes?

drill the lock and push in, lift open the trunk door

What are the materials use for the trunk-lift?

khit anu

What is the trunk lift purpose?

tree logs or somthing heavy if you are talking about elephants but in like gym it is when you lie face down and try to lift your upper body

Why can't you lift your ring finger when you curl your middle finger under?

It takes 89% of your brain to curl your finger and 10% to ask this kind of questions.

Can any teens lift 50 pound dumb bell in one hand?

Yes, I'm 18 and can lift, by which I mean curl, 60.

Can you repair trunk lift 2003 century or replace?

Of course you Can