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Setting is the backbone of our plot. It is where the story is set. Every person, whether real or imaginary is a product of their environment and this is especially true of characters in fiction.

Move a character from a particular setting and their story will change. Imagine the movie 'Fargo' without the snow and desolation of Montana. In 'Unforgiven', William Munny, would have acted entirely differently had he been a bank clerk in modern day Cardiff (Wales) instead of a former gunslinger turned breadline dirt farmer in the unpredictable Wild West. 'Little Dorritt' by Charles Dickens would never have worked in a contemporary setting, without debtor's prisons, the Circumlocution Office and with today's relatively easy access to solicitors, attorneys and lawyers.

Setting is not just a matter of where and when. In his book, 'Story', Robert McKee argues that setting has four dimensions:

Period - a story's place in time and history. Contemporary, historical, or futuristic? Only rarely is Period unimportant, such as in romances such as Watership Down, Animal Farm and Bambi.

Duration - how long do the events in your story last? Hours, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, or even longer? Location -- where in the world (or universe) is your story set? Wimbledon, Wisconsin or the planet Wu? Level of Conflict -- what struggles do your characters experience? Are these conflicts entirely internal or are they caused by outside factors such as war, famine or lawlessness?

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Q: What is the meaning of setting in plot diagram?
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A plot diagram is a tool you can use to organize the different parts of the story. An example of a plot diagram is Freitag's Pyramid.

Is setting the same as plot?

No. The plot is the events that happen in a story. The setting is where those events take place. The plot can effect the setting and the setting can effect the plot. They are separate, but important elements of story.

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Yes, it is

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Plot=story Setting=location.

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What is the relationship between the setting and the plot in The Crucible?

How are setting and characters related to the plot?

The plot is what happens; the characters are who it happens to; the setting is where and when it happens.

What is the setting's relationship to the plot?

The setting is where and when the story occurs. If you don't have a setting, it's very hard to understand and enjoy the plot.

What is the The plot diagram of the supernaturalist?

A plot chart is a diagram in which you plot certain properties like Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.

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Its at the top of the plot diagram, or plot mountain, between the rising action and the falling action. Take a look at the related links for an example.

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A plot diagram.

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It is a diagram of a plot showing beginning, middle, and end of the story's plot.

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Setting is where and when the story takes place, which enhances the plot by providing a background for the story.

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Why is setting and plot important?

How would you have a story without somewhere for it to happen? And without a plot, there's nothing happening at all. If you don't have setting and plot, you don't have a story.

Is the setting and the plot of a novel the same?

No it's not. The plot is basically the structure of a piece of literature, for example, a play. The setting, and ex. a play can have several, is just part of the plot.

What is the difference between plot and setting?

A plot covers the whole story; a setting just indicates where the action took place.

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Setting is the time, place, and social environment of the story. You have to set your plot somewhere and somewhen.

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You're reading a story in which the characters setting and plot events represent things or ideas beyond their literal meaning in the story?


You're reading a story in which the characters, setting, and plot events represent things or ideas beyond their literal meaning in the story?