What is the meaning of the American slang 'blew it'?

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the meaning of the American slang phrase "Blew it" means to really drop the ball, mess something up, or miss an opportunity.
We would use it in a sentence like...

"Mark you really blew that game."
"Man, you blew it, she really liked you."
"I totally blew that test."
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What is American slang term for 20.00?

Double sawbuck . [ Sawbuck is slang for $10] . Not in America; I have never heard that used and I've lived in 7states across the nation. In America $20.00 might be called "twentybucks," "twenty big ones," or, if you're referring to the billitself, "a twenty." Another slang term for a $20 bill is ( Full Answer )

What does the slang term grinding mean?

It can mean rubbing your genital area on your partners genital area It can also mean playing a video game scene over and over in order to increase the level of your character

How has slang afected American children?

Slang affects American children in the same way as it affects all children everywhere. Slang is part of human language, which is always changing and evolving. Every language has slang, just as every language has idiomatic expressions. Children learn how to use the right slang in the same way they le ( Full Answer )

Tell you meaning of bouji in American slang?

Answer Answer Bouji has nothing to do with sex or jewelry as the others answers stated. Bouji is a verb. It means "to be fake; pretentious". Often times it will be used to talk about a person who thinks very highly of themselves over others. For instance, "I hate how Jane flashes her fancy car. She ( Full Answer )

How does American slang come about?

The same way any other slang does - people start using a word in aspecific way and others copy it until it means something new.

What are British slang and American terms?

Depends on how indepth you are wanting to go. But the best way to learn the translations without asking for a specific definition is to watch British television OR to read books by English authors. It helped me learn! Oh, and weird British movies will help alot because they tend to use less formal l ( Full Answer )

Native American slang for enit?

ennit (or enit) IS native slang... means a lot of things.... depends on how you use it. could be part of a question, answer or statement........ or even a question/answer/statement all by it's self.... there are a lot of uses for it. Think of it as being ain't it. So if you asked a question like ( Full Answer )

How different is Australian slang from American?

Apart from a few borrowed expressions that the Yanks were good enough to share with us, Australian and American slang have almost nothing in common other than that they are written (should the need arise) using the same alphabet. Most Australian slang is uniquely Australian, but may have had some o ( Full Answer )

What is blew it?

If the questioner is asking a question in reference to Breathalyzer tests - - - the slang term "blew" refers to the reading of the blood/alcohol content recorded by the machine. It is usaully represented in readings of 100ths of 1 gram.

What does blew mean?

In police 'slang' it refers to the act of blowing into the Breathalyzer to collect a sample of your exhaled breath of alcohol analysis (i.e.- He "blew" a point one oh.")

What does blew it mean?

Awnswer :. blew it mean ruining .. grammar example ; i really blew it !!!

In American slang what does the word Jasper or Jaspers mean?

First used as slang in 1896 (according to the Online Etymology Dictionary), to call someone a Jasper is to call them a rustic simpleton... in other words, a hick. Example: Did you see that dumb jasper in those dirty overalls? In more modern times, this use of "jasper" has mostly been supplante ( Full Answer )

What does water carrier mean in American political slang?

In politics, a "water carrier" is considered to be a campaign organization, media outlet, or individual who provides assistance and/or affirmation to a political candidate or party through the usage of political rhetoric favorable to that candidate or party's positions.

What is the Australian slang word for American?

Yank. Australian rhyming slang for Yank is "septic tank" which is then reduced to "sepo". This is most likely to have evolved from WW2. Whether people realise it or not, slang and rhyming slang play a big part in the Australian vernacular and many people, especially foreigners, are unaware that th ( Full Answer )

What does the slang word Rounder mean?

This slang has multiple meanings. Some people use it to describe drunkards, others use it for thieves and burglars, and I've heard it used to describe shady people.

What is the slang meaning of bait?

The word "bait" means something used to lure someone or something into a trap. Urban slang uses the word to mean someone very attractive.

What does the Australian slang 'to smoodge' mean?

I am an Anglo/Australian of 45 years. I know of no slang 'to smoodge'. If you heard an OZ saying it, he/she was probably saying 'to smooch' in US 'to make out' in UK to 'snog'

What does the computer slang n mean?

Computer slang is like a language that lots of peole around the world come up with. For example: "BRB" is a type of word using computer Slang. It means "Be Right Back." It is so people dont need to spell out the really, really long words.

What does the slang Dragon Lady mean?

A dragon lady is a domineering woman, one who makes you think she's more like the mythical beast. The term and concept (not to mention the tendency to ascribe it more often to Asian women) come from an Asian villainess called the Dragon Lady who appeared in a popular mid-20th-century comic strip ( Full Answer )

What is the slang word cooter mean?

"Cooter" is a widespread regional term for a turtle or tortoise, especially among African American speakers. It derives from an African language through the Gullah dialect that was widely spoken on the sea islands off South Carolina and Georgia.

How did American slang convert smart or smarting to also mean something painful?

The word "smart" in the sense of sharp/stinging pain actually derives from the very same roots as "smart" in the sense of intelligence; it was not a word created by American slang. The word smart comes from the Middle English word "smerten", which in turn came from Old English "smeortan" (to be p ( Full Answer )

What does the slang term 'dogs' mean?

The term means friend or person " Whassup dog?" . It more usually refers to the feet, as in "my dogs are barking" meaning your feet are very tired and sore..

What does kit mean in internet slang?

K = keep, I= in, T = touch so in other words: KIT = keep in touch. I thought everyone knew that from yearbooks ... :)

What does the Australian slang it sucks mean?

I think we might have borrowed the slang "it sucks" from somebody else. It is usually interpeted to mean that, "I am unhappy about the situation", or "it is unfair".

Where did American slang originate?

Linguistic understanding and needs change over time. Different cultures all tend to create new terms for new ideas or because it is faster to say the meaning and cut down on the words used, we tend to be lazy with our communication outlets, also. While texting we say "TX" instead of "thanks", which ( Full Answer )

What does stem mean in slang?

Stem doesn't have to mean you're gay. It could just mean you are a feminine girl mixed with a stud. So you're girly and a tomboy :) like i am !

What does cherry mean in slang?

Cherry can be used in several ways. meanings vary: "good" "right-on" "nice looking" etc. E Cherry can be used in several ways. Example : Greeting someone. Question : "Eh, brah? Howz'it cuz?" Answer : "Ho' braddah, cherry ." Example : Three friends, Mike, Joe, & Bob ( Full Answer )

What does buffer mean in slang?

According to the Urban Dictionary, buffer is The name by whichgypsies call people who live on the grid, with social securitynumbers, attend school, and own a home. A buffer is the term thatthe gypsies call basically real people, whom they lift stuff offof.

What does the slang term Junkie mean?

A Junkie is a person addicted to the drup heroin. It refers to the 'down and out' status of the drug addict. They are essentially worthless, a piece of junk to be discarded. A junkie can be recognized by a strung out glassy eyed look, with bruises and needle marks on the veins of their arms. "A ( Full Answer )

What does smh mean in text slang?

Scratching my head. Example : Say you said something that doesn't make sence. Other person; Smh. So like...confusion or maybe thinking.

What does donz mean in slang?

Usually refers to prescription pills that are commonly abused by opiate users; Methadone. They are sold on the street.

What does bang bang mean in slang?

In the song of the same name by Dispatch it meant she woke him up to do some cocaine. I only know that because one of my sons told me.

What is does the slang bottom line mean?

This means you are very sad like you are at the bottom. In business, the phrase refers to profit made. In general conversation, the phrase refers to the final outcome often asked for by someone who does not to hear all the preceding details.

What is American slang for fool?

We call people fools pretty often, so you can use that term. Wealso say idiot, dummy, moron, dope, and numbskull.

Where can you learn american slang language?

From Americans! You either need to practice speaking the language,or to read all about slang somewhere. You can find reallyinformative websites to read up on slang, and anybody you meet willprobably share some slang with you.

What does piff mean in slang slang?

It Means Pretty, Beautiful, nice: E.g. . That Smells Piff! - That smells nice!! . You look piff! - You look pretty! . You're piff - You're hot . He is a piffy - He is sexy That's the English slang meaning of 'Piff'.

What does she blew the test mean?

It Means She Passed The Test. And Be Smarter. It is more colloquial for "She blew it" to mean she failed rather than passed. But if this is a breath alcohol test we are talking about, "she blew the test" means she took the test.

What is the meaning of 'slang'?

The origin and meaning of the word 'slang' are unknown. The worddates back the the 18th century, and may have its source in the'argot' or thieves' language of the time.

What is the meaning of blew me away?

It means you were stunned by something, generally in a positiveway. If you were amazed at how good a musician was, you might say,"I saw their concert, and they blew me away."

What does the idiom Blew me away mean?

It is usually used in the context where you were surprised oramazed by something, usually in a positive sense. It could be someexperience that had a major impact on you and you really liked it. --- It means thoroughly awed, impressed, or overwhelmed. "The youngsinger's performance just blew me away. ( Full Answer )