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the meaning of the American slang phrase "Blew it" means to really drop the ball, mess something up, or miss an opportunity.

We would use it in a sentence like...

"Mark you really blew that game."

"Man, you blew it, she really liked you."

"I totally blew that test."

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Q: What is the meaning of the American slang 'blew it'?
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According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, "to hump" is vulgar slang for "to engage in sexual intercourse with."

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Other than being slang and Anglo American, the origin is unknowm

What does slang language means?

Slang is language constructs that are indigenous to a particular geographic area, or a certain group of people. All languages have slang, but American English is probably richest in slang. Differences in American and British slang sometimes cause embarrassing moments. In British slang, to "knock someone up" is to wake them from a nap. That slang expression has a very different meaning in the USA.

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Dogg means friend it's a slang African American language

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All slang "says something." Please rephrase your question so that it makes a little more sense.

What American slang should be avoided when in Germany?

In general, slang expressions should be avoided in any foreign country. It is unlikely that anyone who has learned English in school would understand the meaning of slang expressions.

What is the meaning of blew down?

The meaning of blew down is being knocked down by the wind or something windy.

What is the meaning of bolonie?

Boloney is an American slang word meaning 'garbage' or similar. It is derived from the true word 'bologna', an Italian sausage.

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its a slang meaning for getting vagina.

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In police 'slang' it refers to the act of blowing into the Breathalyzer to collect a sample of your exhaled breath of alcohol analysis (i.e.- He "blew" a point one oh.")

What is the meaning of the idiom your smelling yourself now?

"smelling yourself" is slang (primarily African-American) for being conceited

When was American Slang created?

American Slang was created on 2010-03-01.

What is the history of the idiom cost an arm and a leg?

American slang from 1960's, possibly from Vietnam, meaning 'costing a lot.'

What is the meaning of slang word?

This word "Slang" is an abbreviation of "Sick Language" i.e. SLANG. and in slang "Sick" means "Cool".

What language did the word cool come from?

The word "cool", meaning lacking in warmth, comes from Old English. The slang term "cool" meaning hip or fashionable ("You are not cool enough to wear that outfit") is American slang - used originally in the fifties, and really hitting the mainstream in the sixties.

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Strictly speaking, "pendejo" is a Spanish word meaning "coward". It also turns up in American hobo slang as a word meaning either a fool or a coward.

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First recorded 1848 American (slang) English, originally burglars' slang for crowbar; meaning 'policeman's club', probably from similar devices' nicknames; jack, jimmy, jenny, etc.

What is the meaning of the internet slang YTB?

The meaning of YTB is slang on the internet for You're the Best. There are a number of other common slang terms such as LOL (laugh out loud) and TTYL (talk to you later).

What is blew it?

If the questioner is asking a question in reference to Breathalyzer tests - - - the slang term "blew" refers to the reading of the blood/alcohol content recorded by the machine. It is usaully represented in readings of 100ths of 1 gram.

What is all right in American slang?

All right IS American slang - you might also say "OK."

What does grimy mitt mean?

British miners slang meaning a very dirty hand

What is the meaning of the slang term cat?

A Cat is referred to a person or a friend in American slang. It is used in movies and The Coasters sang about it in the song 'down in Mexico': 'and the boss is a cat named joe'.

What is the meaning of this slang wartime word bonzer?

The meaning of the Australian slang word bonzer means great and highly satisfactory.

What is the slang meaning of what up?

The slang meaning of "what up" is, what are you thinking about, or what does one have his or her attention on? It can also be in the form "what's up" or "what is up".

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According to several slang websites, there are no meaning to the word "Yuo". However, it is an alternative meaning of "You" due to the lack of precision while typing.