What is the meaning of the Greek word zoion?

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I believe it is a transliteration of ζῷον, meaning 'living being' or 'animal'.
It is thus the root of 'zoology' and all related terms.
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What greek word means evolution?

The word "evolution" does have a specific word in the Greek language. The word is: εξελιξη/ekseliksi (pronounced as: e'kseliksi) It comes from the words: εξ (meaning from)+ ελισσομαι (meaning move/manoeuvre among)

What does the Greek word Olympia mean?

The English word Olympia or Olympos (khora) was originally a town or district in Elis in ancient Greece. See the Related Link listed below for more information:

What does the word orthodox mean in Greek?

Orthodoxos in Greek means "having a straight, hence a true, opinion." In religion, the word "orthodox' means "having the correct faith or worship." 'Ortho' means straight or correct, and 'dox' (doxa) means glory or worship.

What does the word love mean in Greek?

There are actually many words for 'love' in Biblical Greek. Philia - means 'friendship' - the love between two friends. The love between two members of the family and so on.. Eros - Sexual love - between man and woman. It can also mean a deeper love (not necessarily sexual) between two people. ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the Greek word kosmos?

According to the Greek Lexicon of Brown, Driver and Briggs, p 447-448, the Greek word kosmos has a number of meanings: 1. Adornment, adorning, such as in women's attire. 2. In philosophical usage it means 'the world, the orderly universe' in the sense of the sum total of all that is here and ( Full Answer )

What do the word order mean in the Greek?

If what you mean is what is the word "order" in Greek, then it is - oh wait, my computer does not type Greek. So I will type in English letters that mostly resemble Greek. It is oEipa.

What does the Greek word Neolithic mean?

Neo-lithic Νεολιθικό Neo: new , lithic :made of stone (lithos:stone) something from the newest (the most recent) period of the age of stone. Also : Paleo-lithic Παλαιολιθικό Paleo- old Neothic doesnt mean anything in greek. You probably ( Full Answer )

Greek word and meaning of prophet?

The Greek word is pro·phe ′tes. It literally means 'a speaker out' (pro = 'before' or 'in front of' // and phemi = 'say') The fundamental meaning is NOT that of prediction; but merely describes one who proclaims, one who makes known messages attributed to a divine source. (Judges 6:7-10.) ( Full Answer )

What does the word consecration mean in greek?

η πράξη της συσχέτισης με τα Θεία. π.χ. η χειροτόνηση ενος παπά είναι μια τέτοια πράξη. Ο Ï ( Full Answer )

What is the Greek meaning of the word temptation?

The word for "Temptation " in the New Testatment Greek means: a putting to proof solicitation, discipline. It is like a test...not always in a good sense because when applied to God it can mean making God prove Himself to us. Temptation is NOT sin. Giving in to temptation to do evil IS sin. Mat ( Full Answer )

What does the Greek word meta mean?

In modern Greek, it is an adverb used widely as a prefix. It means: Next, following, after, forthcoming, trans- In ancient Greek actually meant: Standing by (closely), or: Trans-.

What does the Greek word semantikos mean?

The word is σημαντικός (semantikos, the e sounds like i. I dont understand why it should be spelled with an e. The word should be simantics. Anyway.) It means something of importance.

What does the greek word krater mean?

As far as I am aware, a krater is a large vessel like an urn, usually for holding wine at large dinner parties. I could be wrong though, so double check. It is correct. The original use of the word (κρατήρας) was that. Nowadays it is only used for the big hole in the ground ( Full Answer )

What does the Greek word mimetes mean?

It means something that mimics something else. That sounds/looks/acts/feels etc like the original. Greek : μιμητής

What does the greek word latrena mean?

Its laterna and its a (mobile, with wheels) variation of the barrel piano. It was very popular in the second half of the 20th century in Greece.

What does the Greek word inert mean?

According to the English language, to be inert means to be in a form or state of doing little or practically nothing. In chemistry, the word inert is usually used to illustrate something that is not chemically active.

What does the greek word ethos mean?

The Greek Word Ethos means 'feelings', because ethos is an appeal to emotion. For what ethos is, check out the related questions.

What does the greek word ek means?

Ek is a preposition it has several meanings the main on is out of but you have to be careful when translating an Greek preposition because the correct answer would depend on the case ending of the word which it is modifiing.

What does the greek word prosdechomai mean?

Prosdechomai is a Greek word having the connotation to stay or rest in expectation...till the arrival of some person See the following verses in the Bible: Titus 2:13, Jude 21

What does the greek word hals mean?

In biblical Koine Greek, the word "hals" (pronounced "halce") meanssalt, or sea salt. The modern Greek word for salt is "aláti". Theword "hals" can be found in the original greek texts of theChristian New Testament.

What does the greek word osteo mean?

The Greek word osteon means "bone" and we use the word part osteo - in medical and scientific terminology with the most familiar being osteoporosis which literally means "porous bone condition".

What does the greek word Pangaea mean?

Pangaea was the name for the only continent on the Earth before it's tectonic plates split, making the land into more continents. See this video for better information on how the world used to look and how it should look in the future. Pangaea was our first continent. The Earth's tectonic plates ( Full Answer )

What is the Greek word for pale and what does it mean?

χλωμός . 1. lacking intensity of color; colorless or whitish: a pale complexion. . 2. of a low degree of chroma, saturation, or purity; approaching white or gray: pale yellow . 3.not bright or brilliant; dim: the pale moon . 4. faint or feeble; lacking vigor: a pale protes ( Full Answer )

What does the Greek word aspire mean?

In fact it is a Latin word: From Latin aspīrāre = to breathe upon, pant after, a- + spīrāre = to breathe, to blow Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011 To long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially ( Full Answer )

What does the Greek word vapor mean?

vapor is a Latin word and it means steam In Modern Greek you may find the word βαπόρι [va po ri], which comes from Italian and means steamer/steamship/ ship .

What does the word paramecium mean in greek?

paramecium from Greek παραμήκης + Latin suffix -um παραμήκης [param ē kēs] = elongated From prefix παρά - ( over -) + μήκος [mēkos] ( = length ) So it means " over(pro)longed "

What does the greek word carchardon mean?

You obviously mean carcharodon καρχαρόδων (Ancient-like, formal)/ καρχαρόδοντας (Modern) [car har o th on das] Compound word from: καρχαρ ίας (=shark) + όδοντας (= tooth)

What are the meanings of the Greek word for heaven?

In Greek, Heaven means "God" If you mean the word paradise < < (Greek) παράδεισος [par a th eesos] ( fenced garden of a Persian king ) < < (Persian) *pardēz = garden < < (Old Persian) pairi-daēza = walled area

What is the meaning of the Greek word for perfect?

Its meaning is the same with the English one. If you ask what the word is it's: τέλειος (telios), υπέροχος (iperohos), άψογος (apsogos), θαυμάσιος (thavmasios), άριστος (aristos)

What does the Greek word fontas mean?

fontas is not a Greek word. If you mean fonta it means the necessary qualifications but its half way slang, you cant use it in an application etc.

What does the Greek word proseuchamai mean?

According to Core Christianity by Elmer Towns, ( read Luke 18:1 first) "The word for prayer in this verse is proseuchamai. It comes from two words--- pros meaning toward and euchamai meaning the face. This defines prayer as a face to face relationship with God."

What does the greek word potenz mean?

Potenz is not a Greek word. It is German, it means potence, power, virility and it comes from the Latin word potentia .

What does the Greek word echnoderms mean?

Aye, Echinoderms means spiny-skinned. Just imagine some echinoderms like starfish (class asteroidea) and the sea urchin (class echinoidea). The crown of thorn starfish has poisonous spines and the sea urchin is covered 360 degrees in spins. However it is important to note that not all echinoderms ar ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of gymnasium in Greek word?

Gymnasium originates from the Greek root "gymno," which means naked. The Greeks used to exercise completely naked, such as during the ancient Olympic competitions, and eventually this term came to be used to describe the place where exercise occurred.

What does the greek word euangelion mean?

It's a Greek word (ευαγγέλιον, pronounced evv-ann-ghell-ee-on). It is made up of eu-(meaning good) and -angelia (meaning news), so basically it means good news. Today it is used exclusively to refer to the four gospels of the New Testament (because to Christians they c ( Full Answer )

What is the Greek meaning of the word esophagus?

The word is properly transliterated as oesophagus (Greek: οισοφάγος). It is composed of two words: oeson (meaning cord, rope or tube) and phagus (meaning to eat). So basically, the meaning of the word is "food tube", i.e. the tube via which the food descends from the m ( Full Answer )

What does vit greek word means?

Vit- is not Greek but Latin. It derives from the Latin word vita, meaning life. Hence the English words vitality, vital, vitamin

What is the Greek meaning of the word Pennsylvania?

This isn't a Greek word and there is no Greek equivalent for it. This is a composite word, Penn-sylvania. The first part is a man's name, Penn (who owned a lot of land in those parts). The second part is a Latin word meaning forest (because the state was heavily wooded at the time).

What is the greek word tele mean?

Τηλε- (transliterated tele- pronounced as in television) It means far. Common examples: television (see from afar) telephone (voice from afar) teleport (transfer something from a distance) etc