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Q: What is the meaning of the Irish Gaelic word 'fé'?
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How is the Gaelic word fion pronounced?

Irish: f-yunn (N & W) f-yoon (S) Scottish:

Irish name for grandmother?

Scottish Gaelic: 'seanag' Irish Gaelic: 'mamó' Manx Gaelic: mummig vooar, mwarree Welsh: mam-gu (south) nain (north) Breton: mamm-gozh Cornish: mamm wynn/dama wynn dama wydn (f, RLC), dama wydn (f, RLC),

What is the Gaelic for 'healer'?

In Irish: cneasaí or fear leighis (m) and bean leighis (f).

How is outlaw translated to Gaelic?

Scottish Gaelic is:fear air chàrn (m)fògarrach (m)duine fon choill (m/f)Irish ('Gaelic') is:eisreachtaíceithearnach coillemeirleach

What is the Celtic word for bear?

Irish Gaelic: béar/mathghamhain Scottish Gaelic: mathan Manx Gaelic: maghouin Welsh: arth Cornish: ors Breton: arzh The proto-Celtic word for bear is Artos. It is considered one possible root for the name Arthur.

Who was the first US President of Irish heritage?

It depends on your definition of "Irish": if you mean of Gaelic Catholic Irish then it would be John F. Kennedy. If you choose to include the "Ulster Scots" ("Scotch-Irish") as "Irish" then the answer is Andrew Jackson.

What is the meaning f?

F*** is word word that scolds other people private part(s).

What is the meaning of enshuldigung?

Entschuldigung (f ) is a German word meaning an excuse or an apology.

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What is a word meaning 'move wildly' starting with the letter F?

The word is flail.

Word beginning with F meaning Give prominence to?


What word begins with the letter f meaning water?