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the meaning of the blue in Philippine flag was symbolize the filipino is an courage.

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Q: What is the meaning of the blue in the flag of the Philippines?
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Tagalog meaning of flag of the Philippines?

Tagalog translation of FLAG OF THE PHILIPPINES: Ang Watawat ng Pilipinas

What is the meaning of 3 colors in the flag of the Philippines?

blue means peace, red means the bravery of the filipinos and white means cleanliness of the filipino heart

What is the meaning of star on the flag of the Philippines?

There are 3 stars in the Philippine Flag which represent the 3 major islands in the Philippines - LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO.

Pink flag over the blue temple explain the meaning of this topic?

Blue Pink Blue Flag....... Bella Vita in the USA

What is the meaning of 3 star in the Philippines flag?

It symbolizes for the 3 big islands of the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao

What does the blue mean on the America flag?

There is no true meaning to the blue on the American flag. Betsy Ross added the blue to make the stars brighter. The original flag was read and had red stars.

What is the Congo flag meaning?

blue is for brave , yellow is war

What is the symbolic meaning of a blue flag with a white X on it?


What colors are the flag for Sweden?

the colours of the swedish flag is blue and yellow

What are the meaning of the colors on the Hopi Tribe Flag?

Blue and white and yellow are the meaning of our corn and life

What is the meaning of the color blue in the flag of OPEC?

Try to ask the owner.

What is the meaning of the blue colour in the Philippine flag?

The white in the flag symbolizes fraternity and eequality. The blue stands for peace, truth, and justice and the red stands for patriotism and valor. The yellow suns symbolize unity, freedom, sovereigntyÊand democracy.