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What is the meaning of the name Tierney?

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The name Tierney is of Gaelic origin. It is a male name but can also be a female name now. It means lord but in some cases it can mean noble. Although it is mainly means lord.

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What is the birth name of Tierney Titus?

Tierney Titus's birth name is Kathleen Tierney Titus.

How many people have the name Tierney?

There are about 15000 people in the United States who are named Tierney. The name Tierney originated from Ireland.

What is the birth name of Edward Tierney?

Edward Tierney's birth name is Tierney, Edward.

What is the birth name of Jon Tierney?

Jon Tierney's birth name is Jonathan Tierney.

Where does the name Tierney come from?

The name Tierney is Irish and it means lord it is pronounced teer-nee.

What is the birth name of Gene Tierney?

Gene Tierney's birth name is Gene Eliza Tierney.

What is the birth name of Jacob Tierney?

Jacob Tierney's birth name is Tierney, Jacob Daniel.

What is the birth name of Maura Tierney?

Maura Tierney's birth name is Maura Lynn Tierney.

How many tierneys are there in the world?

Worldwide figures are not available, but in the United States there are 15,677 people with the last name Tierney as of September 2014. Some famous people with the last name Tierney are Gene, Jacob, John, and Lawrence Tierney.

What is the Gaelic spelling of tierney?

As a last name, Ó Tiarnaigh. It means "descendant of Tiarnach" (a lord).John Tierney (Seán Ó Tiarnaigh), Miss Joan Tierney (Siobhán Ní Thiarnaigh), Mrs. Mary Tierney (Máire Uí Thiarnaigh).

Who is Tierney Denning?

:) tierney is cute

Gene tierney related to mauria tierney?

Despite having the same surname, the actresses Gene Tierney and Maura Tierney are not related.

Is gene tierney related to Lawrence tierney?


Is Maura Tierney related to Gene Tierney?


How tall is Mark Tierney?

Mark Tierney is 6'.

How tall is Pat Tierney?

Pat Tierney is 6'.

When was Matthew Tierney born?

Matthew Tierney was born in 1970.

When was David Tierney born?

David Tierney was born in 1980.

When did Thomas Tierney die?

Thomas Tierney died in 1998.

When was Thomas Tierney born?

Thomas Tierney was born in 1918.

When was Lawrie Tierney born?

Lawrie Tierney was born in 1959.

When did Lawrie Tierney die?

Lawrie Tierney died in 2011.

When was Harry Tierney born?

Harry Tierney was born in 1890.

When did Harry Tierney die?

Harry Tierney died in 1965.

When was Brian Tierney born?

Brian Tierney was born in 1957.

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