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What is the meaning of the prefix ob?

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In some words it means towards or object is to throw towards obverse is to turn towards obsequious is to follow towards

The prefix ob- means on or near, before, toward or against, as in offer; with a negative connotation as in occlude; opposite to or in front of as in obstetric; on account of; in a different direction, downward as in omit; away from as in obliterate; and it indicates intensified action as in obdurate.

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What is the prefix and meaning for the word obstacle?


What does the prefix ob- mean?

the prefix ob means against something e.g objection, obstacle, obstruction

Are there words that start with the prefix ob?

opposed That starts with "op" not "ob"

What is the latin verb for to watch?

Latin Servare, meaning 'to watch, keep safe'. Add the prefix 'ob-' for 'over' and you have the basis for the English 'observe'

What is the meaning of ad-ob?

add (an) object or add (an) objective

What are some words that have the prefix ob?

Here are five words beginning with "ob": Obstruct, Obscure, Oblique, Object, Objective.

What is the meaning of the prefix ob- in the word obscure?

The word "obscure" means to hide or conceal something from sight. It comes from the Latin word "obscurus" which comes from "ob", which means toward, and the root "skeu", which is Indo-European for cover or conceal. So "ob" in "obscure" basically just means toward.

What word starts with the prefix od?

The prefix od- otherwise known as ob- means toward, against, or completely.

What is a prefix for obscure?

ob which means toward, against, in the way

What is the prefix meaning 0.10?

what is the prefix meaning 0.10

What is the prefix meaning for in?

what is the prefix meaning of in

What is the meaning of ob?

ohh bless

What does the root ob mean?

The meaning for 'ob' are: contrary, against, towards or in the way of, against

What is latin prefix for against?

of- ,op- ,ob- eg: object,offend,oppress.

What words start with the prefix ob?

Obstacle, oblivion and obesity. To name a few!

What is the prefix meaning high?

The prefix meaning "high" is ALTI

What is a prefix meaning trillion?

A prefix meaning trillion is tera.

What is a prefix meaning across?

"Trans" is a prefix meaning across.

What is the prefix meaning for away?

the prefix meaning for away is "ab" meaning "away" or "down"

How does the prefix change the meaning of the word?

It depends on the meaning of the prefix.converge

What is a prefix meaning four?


Prefix meaning 0.01?

Centi is the Si prefix meaning 0.01.

What is the Latin or Greek prefix meaning fast?

prefix meaning fast

What is the meaning of the prefix out?

There is no prefix out. The beginning structure of out has just its regular meaning: out.

What is the prefix of opposite?

Ob - toward/face to face Pon/posit - put, place

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