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The general name for pig meat is pork, which is then divided into different types like ham, bacon, gammon, and so on.

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Name given to a type of meat from pigs?

Meat from pigs is called pork.

What is meat from pigs called?


According to So You Think You're Good At Trivia - Guinea pigs are called pigs because they?

Guinea pigs are called pigs because they were used by German sailors as a source of fresh meat when sailing. They were called little sea pigs by the sailors.

Can pigs eat meat?

no pigs cannot eat meat its very bad for them.

Are pigs bacon?

Bacon is a cured meat made from pork. Pork is the meat of pigs.

Why are pigs important to farms?

They give meat, called pork, to the family in the winter. That was easy.

Are pigs poultry?

Pigs are part of the barnyard or farm family of animals. They are mammals and their meat is called "pork". Poultry are birds that are used for their feathers, meat or eggs. They are avian. Therefore, pigs don't qualify as "poultry".Pigs are part of the barnyard or farm family of animals. They are mammals. Poultry are birds that are used for their feathers, meat or eggs. They are avian.Therefore, pigs don't qualify as "poultry".

Do pigs eat meat?

Yes. Pigs are omnivores.

Do guinea pigs eat meat?

Guinea pigs are herbivores, plant eaters, and don't eat meat.

What were pigs use for?


Why the people eating pig meat?

becasuse its good to eat pigs meat and some people just think pigs meat tastes good

Are guinea pigs allowed to eat cat food?

Guinea pigs are herbivores, plant eaters. Cats are what's called requisite carnivores, meat eaters only. So cat food is amlost entirely meat. Guinea pigs shouldn't eat important amounts of anything made mostly out of meat, like cat food.

Is geese a red meat?

No it is white meat. Red meat is from Cows, Sheep and Pigs.

What meat comes from pigs?


What is meat from pigs?

Ham and pork.

Should you feed pigs meat?

No, you should never feed pigs meat or fish. Pigs eat food like sweet potatoes, corn, bread, vegetables and fruit.

Are pigs herbavore?

Pigs are omnivores. They eat both meat and plant life.

Do guinea pigs eat quails?

no, guinea pigs dont eat meat.

Are pigs herbivorus?

due to the outbreak of the foot and mouth, pigs are now not allowed to eat anything that has been in contact with meat. That includes meat, surprisingly, so pigs are herbivorous. you used to be able to feed them fish skin and meat fat.

Do pigs have toxins in their meat because they don't sweat?

Pigs have toxins in their meat because what they are fed. Toxins can be released by sweat or the digestive system.

Why are pork killed for their meat and body parts?

Pigs are killed for their meat and body parts because their meet is edible and many people like the taste, the body parts are useful, and it is relatively easy to raise them. Once a pig is butchered, some of its meat is called pork and some is called ham. A live pig is never call a pork, although live pigs are sometimes informally called "porkers."

Do you have pork pigs and bacon pigs?

yes you cant get pork and bacon from the same big as bacon pigs need to be older then pork pigs so it can mature That answer is not a vaild answer. You can get all meat from one pig. The stock shows in Texas and all the states. People buy the pigs at weight money. If they do what the first answer does they where does the other meat go, your just wasting meat.

What animal do pigs eat?

Pigs don't eat meat they eat apples and slop!

Can guinea pigs eat meet?

No, guinea pigs do not eat meat. They are herbivores.

What can pigs die from?

pigs can die from meat and hunger. they can also die from poison and thirst