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If you were a medical assistant?

i am a medical assistant but i have not took the exam. I finish school 1989 how can i applied for the exam

Is there any entrance exam to foreign medical college?

There is an entrance exam to every legitimate medical school on earth.

What exam is required for law school entry?

In the US, the LSAT is required.

Can you help me with my high School entry exam?

I will need a lot more info about it to help you wont i?

What is the exit exam for high school called?

(Pronunciation__ k-see) CHSEE- California high school exit exam

What are some prerequisites of being a doctor?

A doctor must first attend undergraduate school with Pre-Med focus. Then, they must pass a medical school entrance exam called MCAT. After completing medical school, they must be a resident doctor in order to be fully trained and licensed.

What is the high school Junior's exam called?


What exam is for catholic high school entrance exam long island?

The exam for the ten Catholic high schools on Long Island is called the Catholic High School Entrance Exam, or CHSEE for short.

What steps do you have to take to become a pediatrician?

You have to go to college, take your MCAT exam, apply for medical school, get into medical school, finish medical school and take board exams, then apply for pediatrics residency, which is 3 years long.

What is the name of the exam taken by French students after high school?

The name of the exam taken by French students after high school is called the Baccalauréat.

Is there any entrance exam for join lateral entry in Anna university?

There is no entrance exam for lateral entry in any engg colleges...

Ssc data entry operator answer key 09?

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Where do you go after medical school to be a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician, after medical school you need to do a residency program and then pass a standardized board exam. The residency program for pediatrics is 3 years long.

Do you need to attend law school in Virginia to practice law?

You have to be a member of the Virginia State Bar. And entry requires taking and passing the Bar Exam and the Professional Responsibility Exam. And in order to take the exam, you must have a law degree.

what do i have to do to get a medical liscence?

After completing medical school, and then completing a residency or fellowship, you must pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam in order to practice. For most, it is a 10-year process.

Will dot medical exam test for benzodiazepines?

Yes, the DOT medical exam tests for benzodiazepines

You have scored 95 percent mark in hsc exam Will you get a MB BS seat?

If you will maintain your position in entry test you can easily get admission in any medical college .

What are the requirements for taking board exam medical technology?

requirements for taakig board exam of medical technology

What does it take when you are in high school and when you make it to college to become a pediatrician?

You need to do well in High School and get accepted at a good college/university. This will help with your chances of being accepted at a medical school. To be competitive for medical school, you should get about a 3.5 GPA in a good college plus participate in various extra-curricular activities and do well on an entrance exam for medical schools called the MCAT, similar to taking the SAT for college. After medical school you train for three years in a residency for pediatrics and then you are free to practice as a pediatrician.

What did Ellis island workers call the medical exam?

the exam

Where can one get a life insurance with no medical exam?

You can buy life insurance with no medical exam from many insurance companies. If you're buying a smaller amount (

What GPA do you need to get into Muskegon Community College?

Most community colleges will admit anyone who can afford to attend and pass the entry exam, even if you do not pass the entry exam, it's likely the school will still have classes for you to attend in order to improve on the subjects you scored poorly in. Thus there really is no GPA requirement

When will futminna conduct their second choice screening exam for Direct Entry candidate?

pls, when will futminna conduct their 1st and 2nd choice screening exam for Direct Entry candidate?

Is Gmat a standardized exam for entry into graduate school?

GMAT is a standardized exam for applying graduate BUSINESS school. Note that it is only for BUSINESS school. For other subjects, most schools require you to take GRE, although some management schools now give you two options and accept GMAT as well.

What would be the cost to get no medical exam life insurance?

The cost to get no medical exam life insurance is about $500-1000 a year.