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(Pronunciation__ k-see) CHSEE- California high school exit exam

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Q: What is the high school Junior's exam called?
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Where can you get past history exam papers for year 1 secondary school?

secondary school is high school right? well if it is, talk to some sophomores/juniors/ or seniors.

What exam is for catholic high school entrance exam long island?

The exam for the ten Catholic high schools on Long Island is called the Catholic High School Entrance Exam, or CHSEE for short.

What is the name of the exam taken by French students after high school?

The name of the exam taken by French students after high school is called the Baccalauréat.

What grade is juniors high school?


Where can one find information about Juniors High School?

You can find information about Juniors High School by contacting the school directly and asking them to send you information. There should also be a school website which should hopefully tell you all you need to know.

What year were the kids from high school musical?

High School Musical 1: Juniors High School Musical 2: Junior/Senior summer High School Musical 3: Seniors

Do all states have a high school exit exam?

No. 22 states recorded do not have a high school exit exam

Christian high school equivalency exam answers?

What the answers

Do you need a college degree to work at Subway?

No, I have friends that have worked there as high school juniors.

How old are the people from taking the stage?

They are all high - school age. There are sophomores, juniors and seniors

What do high school juniors take for science?

Junniors take Enviromental Sceince, Chemistry, GeoScience,

Are 6th graders juniors?

No, 6th graders are not juniors. In the education system, "juniors" typically refer to 11th-grade students in high school. 6th graders are usually around 11-12 years old and are in elementary or middle school, depending on the local educational system.