What is the medical term meaning fingers and toes?

Fingers and toes are digits, and they are individually identified by number their relative position, with one being the thumb or big toe, and five being the pinky or small toe. Oe instance, the ring finger of the left hand would be the left fourth digit of the hand. Though in most situations we would use the layman's terms such as "ring finger," "middle finger," "pinky, " "index," or "thumb," etc.
The anatomical term for the fingers and toes is digits. In general it is clearer to refer to fingers by name e.g. index or ring though these can be written as digit 2 and digit 4 or simply 2D and 4D.

When referring to fingers or toes as digits it is best to clarify by saying for example: The third digit of the right hand. (middle finger)

The the numbers begin at either the thumb or the big toe (both referred to as the first digit or 1D), you will need to state either right or left.
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