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Procidentia is the term used to describe the complete prolapse of the uterus, some times the prolapse of the uterus.

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Q: What is the medical word meaning prolapse of uterus?
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What body part does the medical root word hystero refer to?

The medical root word hystero refers to the uterus.

What body part does the medical root word utero refer to?

The medical root word 'utero' refers to the uterus.

What body part does the medical root word trachelo refer to?

The medical root word "trachelo" refers to the neck.

What is the medical term meaning Inflammation of the uterine veins?

The answer to your question is pyometritis. the suffix -itis means inflammation. The prefix pyo- means pus. The combinging form metr/o- means uterus. Therefore, the word means inflammation of the uterus with pus.

What is the difference between the uterus and the womb?

Uterus and womb are synonyms and mean he same thing. Uterus is the word used more by medical professionals. Womb is more common in everyday usage.

What is the English meaning of uterine?

same word - it means things to do with the uterus or womb

What is the medical term meaning drooping of the rectum and anus?

It sounds like the word you're looking for is "Prolapsed".

What refers to the female womb?

The female womb is referred to as the uterus. It is the reproductive organ where a fertilized egg implants and develops into a fetus during pregnancy.

What does the word hysterice mean?

It's not an English word. It looks Italian. It looks as if it were based on the Greek root "hystero" meaning the uterus.

What is the basic foundation of a medical term?

The basic foundation of a medical term is the root word, which provides the fundamental meaning of the term. In addition to the root word, medical terms may also include prefixes (added to the beginning of the root word) and suffixes (added to the end of the root word) to modify or further specify its meaning. By understanding the root word and any prefixes or suffixes, one can better comprehend the overall meaning of a medical term.

What medical word has a root meaning wind?

The medical word with a root meaning "wind" is "pneumo-" or "pneum-" as in words like pneumonia (lung condition) or pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

What are medical terminology prefixes?

Medical terminology prefixes are word components that are added to the beginning of a word to modify its meaning. They often indicate location, number, time, or status. Some common medical prefixes include "hyper-" (meaning excessive), "hypo-" (meaning deficient), and "macro-" (meaning large). They are important for understanding and defining medical terms.