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It's nice to take part in the mentoring program.

Please do not edit, change or trash this question and the discussion. This content is used for mentoring purposes.

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Q: What is the mentoring question of Vigorouschemist?
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What are some questions in WikiAnswers that are closed to changes?

The question "What is the WikiAnswers Mentoring Program all about?".

What rhymes with mentoring?

BORING! ..ryms with mentoring!?

Is mentoring an adjective?

Mentoring is a verb. It's a kind of teaching.

How do you spell mentoring?

That is the correct spelling of "mentoring" (providing counsel or instruction).

Who thought of The Mentoring Program?

An8thg was the one who inspired The Mentoring Program.

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Do you have to take the Mentoring Program as a Supervisor?

No. The mentoring program is highly recommended, but is optional.

What is the motto of The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania?

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania's motto is 'Expanding the community capacity to support quality mentoring relationships for youth.'.

Which colleges offer electrical engineering majors with mentoring programs for women?

You would probably want to inquire in Washington State University for that very specific question. I know that they are mentoring women who are enrolled in various Engineering programs such as the Electrical Engineering.

What part of speech is mentoring?

Mentoring can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. Verb: He was mentoring two boys from 3 to 5 yesterday night. Noun: Mentoring is a good way to help others. Adjective: The mentoring session let out early because we worked hard.

What has the author Helen Colley written?

Helen Colley has written: 'Mentoring for social inclusion' -- subject(s): Counseling of, Mentoring, Mentoring in education, Youth

Where is a good mentoring seminar located?

The Adele Lynn Leadership Group offers a very good mentoring seminar. You can learn more at

What time management stratigy is a form of mentoring?

Is delegating a time management strategy form of mentoring

When was The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania created?

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania was created in 1995.

Where can on find more information on mentoring programs?

Mentoring is a great form of volunteering. Mentors are experienced individuals who serve to guide and inspire lesser experienced people. Many professional organizations have mentoring programs and the Australian Human Resources Institutes offers information about mentoring on their website.

What are some areas of mentoring?

Mentoring covers such a broad range of areas that it is impossible to give a definitive list. However, there are generally two broad types: - mentoring for business. This is when individuals or companies seek mentoring help from others to help them achieve higher profits or improve their personal skills. Mentoring partnerships of this type tend to discuss things such as profit, experience, solutions to business problems, managing and evaluating change, etc. - mentoring for support. This is the type of mentoring that is usually provided by charities or volunteers, and is designed to help individuals overcome specific problems. Mentoring partnerships of this type tend to discuss things such as life choices, education and career options, confidence-building, and life skills. Methods of mentoring can differ greatly too. Many mentoring programs are 'face-to-face', where a mentor will meet their mentee on a regular basis (perhaps once a week or once a month) and discuss their progress or take part in an activity together. Other mentoring relationships can be conducted over the phone. This technique is used most frequently in life-coaching for adults. Ementoring, or online mentoring, is becoming increasingly popular too as a cost-effective way of providing mentoring support to people. Mentoring partners exchange emails or messages (usually via a secure website if the mentees are young) and can take part in activities online which help to build and strengthen the relationship. Sources: Mentoring and befriending foundation: Ementoring: What is ementoring? The Brightside Trust

What has the author Catherine Buntaine written?

Catherine Buntaine has written: 'Cross cultural mentoring' -- subject(s): Cross-cultural aspects, Cross-cultural aspects of Mentoring in business, Mentoring in business

What is the definition of mentoring?

Mentoring means teaching and guiding someone to help them get experience and improve. A mentor will watch the person they are mentoring to see how they do things, and give them guidance and advice if they see them doing something wrong or that could be done better.

What are the four main stages of mentoring?

prescriptive, persuasive, collaborative, confirmative The four stages of mentoring are preparing for the mentorship, negotiating the mentorship relationship, facilitating learning, advocacy and professional networking, and closure of the mentoring relationship.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

Coaching is when you make the person try their best while mentoring is an after school sort of thing

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