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Can't be answered in a few lines! It will vary depending on the flight you catch and with seasonal/menu variations. It may also vary depending on if you get a QF through-flight or a code-share (usually with British Airways). Meal service will of course depend on your class of travel - First, Business, or Economy. In addition - no matter which class - the further back you are seated in the plane may also reduce the amount of menu choice you may have. Longhaul flights (not just QANTAS) are well known for running out of menu choices before the majority of the cabin is served. One option is to order a 'special meal' (eg Vegetarian meal) even if you are not 'kosher' 'vegan' etc. These meals will often be delivered first. If they haven't managed a special meal for you, you may be offered all two or three menu choices in your cabin before the rest of the 'non-special' passengers are served. If you see them start to commence the 'normal' cart service and you've not been given your special meal, try to attract their attention before they've gone too far. Special meal orders may also assist if you are travelling with kids as - at least - they usually have at least some items of fruit and a fairly bland flavour (ie no spices). But I'd still take along some favourite fruits, sweets or snacks for the little ones when u can.

Talk to your travel agent or checkout the example menus ( will be a start) when you book online with QANTAS for more of an idea. No matter what your flight, you're often better off making sure you've had a decent feed before your flight (even at the airport - or Qantas Club, if you're lucky enough to be a member or Oneworld affiliate) just in case there are any dramas. Enjoy your flight!

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