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It is 13.8 miles according to Google Maps.


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The distance between the start location and the destination is 221mi, (356km), and will take approximately 3 hours 38 minutes of driving time.

The address of the Appalachian Womens Museum Inc is: Po Box 245, Dillsboro, NC 28725-0245

It is 656 miles according to Google Maps.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 4 hours and 43 minutes and gives the road mileage as 271.

The shortest driving distance is 192 miles.

Did you mean Cherokee, GA, Cherokee, OK, Cherokee, TX, Cherokee, AL, Cherokee, NC, Cherokee, SC, Cherokee, IA, or Cherokee, KS ?.

The nearest casino to Charlotte NC, is Harrahs casino in Cherokee NC, which is approx 3 hours away. And the contact information is: 777 Casino Drive Cherokee, NC 28719 (828) 497-7777

The driving distance from New Bern, NC, USA to Great Falls, VA, USA is 331.24mi / 533.08km

93 miles across U.S. 74 WEST.

It ia 216 miles according to Google Maps.

It is 154 miles according to Google Maps.

The driving distance between Pigeon Forge TN and Harrah's Casino in Cherokee NC is 42 miles via US-441 per Map Quest. The driving time per Map Quest is 1 hours and 14 minutes.

The address of the Museum Of The Cherokee Indian is: Po Box 1599, Cherokee, NC 28719-1599

Approx 53,800 square miles.

The address of the Cherokee Historical Association Inc is: Po Box 398, Cherokee, NC 28719-0398

Interstate 40, Cherokee National Forest, Hartford, TN 37753

What is the mational average for gas mileage reimbursement in MD

The halfway point between Raleigh NC and Greensboro NC is Hillsborough NC.

Halfway point between Wilmington, NC and Asheville, NC?

From Concord, North Carolina to Morehead City, North Carolina, it is 298 miles. It would take 5 hours and 8 minutes to get there (if you used US-70).

The halfway point between Greensboro, NC and Charlotte, NC is Salisbury, NC

The halfway point between Four Oaks, NC and Raleigh, NC is Benson, NC.

, According to google maps it seems that the mileage would be about 178 miles from Nags Head to Morehead City, NC. Good Luck, and I hope that you found this useful

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