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Normally speaking, apartment complexes and owners are not looking at a credit score as a basis for their decision to rent you an apartment. Of course this might be a factor with luxury apartments. But what landlords are looking for our history of evictions and nonpayment of utility bills. If the issue with your credit is simply with credit cards, medical bills, or even furniture bills, this usually does not affect the decision of the landlord. This is especially true with landlords who rent apartments to low income tenants. Also if your credit issue is more than two years old this is often overlooked by the landlord. Most apartment complexes will do credit checks -- that's a fact of life. But if everyone with bad credit was denied an apartment this could be considered discrimination. Other factors involved include criminal records: apartment owners do not want recently convicted felons are convicted sex offenders in their units.

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Q: What is the minimum credit score apartment owners look at before they will accept tenants?
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