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Drip cup should be 2 and 1/2 times the pipe being served. Check local Gas Code bylaws for proper information.

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How do you install drip cap?

Roofing drip cap along the bottom edge of the roofed surface will go under the roof underlayment and shingles. Along the pitched edges of the roofed surface, the drip cap should be installed over the underlayment, but under the shingles.

Can you still use a water heater and furnace if there is no drip line?

If you mean drip leg, yes you can. Some local codes still want a drip leg installed.

Does a drip leg a city code item or should it already be on the water heater or boiler?

It needs to be installed on each part of ontario gas code

What can be installed over exterior door to prevent rain seeping in?

Tin drip edge

How should the drip chamber be set up to deliver parenteral products?

The drip chamber should be below the infusion bag.

A gothic story starting with drip drip drip?

Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip

What is perineal postnasal drip?

Nothing called Perineal postnasal drip. It should be perennial postnasal drip. perennial = lasting or active throughout the whole year postnasal drip = mucopurulent discharge from the posterior nares. so it is perennial postnasal drip. SK :)

How do you say 'drip' in Japanese?

(water is dripping) drip "teki" (saline drip) drip tenteki

How can a dripping faucet be stopped?

Either tun off the supply at the main stopcock (which will stop the drip) and or replace the tap washer while the main supply is off (then turn it on again).

How much does a ladybird drink?

they should have 1 drip only

What is the future tense of the verb drip?

The future tense of the verb 'drip' is will drip.

Is drip a noun?

no, drip is not a noun. drip is a verb.

Where drip irrigation is used?

At the conjestion areasLess water supply areasLess field capacityMaximizing the saving.

What it the future tense of the word drip?

will drip or shall drip

What are some traditional ways to supply water to fields?

traditional ways are drip irrigation moat well and taking water from well

What is a drip leg and what is it for?

AnswerA drip leg is used to catch any debris and condensation in a gas line before it reaches critical components, ie. regulators.Not only used for gas lines. Can also be installed in steam lines to capture condensation in industrial applications.

Should your rca refrigerator have a drip pan to catch water?

I have same problem. RCA refrigerator with no drip pan that pools water once or twice a month.

Drip cap on my shingle roof do YOU need to change it when you get a metal roof?

yes it should be removed. the new metal roof acts as its own drip edge

What is the opposite of drip?

The opposite of drip would be not to drip. However, on the other end of the scale of intensity (volume) from drip is "gush."

Where is the oil filter on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

passenger side of car just back of the radiator, hanging downwards. Easy to remove, but have a pan under it to catch drip. If you are careful keeping the filter vertical as you remove it, you will have a minimum of oil drip.

Why should meat be defrosted in a drip tray?

When meats thaw, they general lose juices which can drip through packaging. These juices can contain pathogenic bacteria. A drip tray will keep the juices contained so they don't contaminate anything else.

What is the future tense for drip?

Will drip.

How long does it takes 30857 drops to drip from 1 gallon of fluid?

The answer will depend on the drip rate. The drip rate will depend on the viscocity of the fluid which is not known.The answer will depend on the drip rate. The drip rate will depend on the viscocity of the fluid which is not known.The answer will depend on the drip rate. The drip rate will depend on the viscocity of the fluid which is not known.The answer will depend on the drip rate. The drip rate will depend on the viscocity of the fluid which is not known.

What is a good sentence for the word drip in the sentence?

I must call the plumber because that drip, drip, drip of the faucet is driving me crazy.

Fluid leak rear tire 2007 dodge grand caravan?

The only fluids possible to be leaking from the rear of the vehicle are: Fuel from the tank or lines which would drip anywhere from the centerpoint to the left side of the van. The smell should make identification easy enough. Washerfluid to the rear window washer from the supply line which should drip along the right side of the van and be whatever color washerfluid is used. Water from the exhaust pipe which would drip from the exhaust tip. Usually this is normal condensation from the engine combustion process.