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== == The Q specifies Florida. Florida doesn't really have an income tax, but of course, the Fed does!

Taxable income and what you may make as income are 2 different things. Generally, your taxable income is lower than your gross (or the amount you probably think you make). The limits and thresholds that you want to know depend upon many other factors...your marital status, your age, number of children or dependents, certain other expenses, there is no hard and fast answer.

More importantly, how much you need to make before you must pay is different than how much you need to make before you have to file. frequently, if you don't make enough to have to pay taxes, you make enough to have to file, and by doing so YOU GET MONEY BACK. Whether it be money withheld from your pay, or as things that the government gives earned income credits, child credit, or college education options for you, etc.

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Q: What is the minimum yearly income needed to pay income taxes for a college student in Florida?
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What is the average monthly income of a college student?

around 500-700 dollars

How can a college student on a low income make their own chairs?

A low-income college student can make their own chairs out of practically anything. Whether it be cardboard, styrofoam or even through the use of other objects laying around.

Can you deduct your sons college tuition?

Type your answer here... can you deduct your college student from your income tax if he makes $15000 a year as a coop

Minimum income to qualify for Medicare?

There is no minimum income requirement for Medicare.

I heard that it is based on an undisclosed percentage of a 40-hr work week at minimum wage. What is the amount of child support based on for an unemployed college student in Florida?

This would be interpreted by the court which can make a presumption of of part time income or set support at no amount owed pending graduation and employment. see link below

Is there anyway to earn an income online that is legimate for a college student trying to pay off student loans?

As a college student, you require the means of earning income which will not distract you from your lessons. The one I know of which can be performed even during lunch breaks or whenever, you have time to spare , can be accessed from this site>htt ps:// . Good Luck!

What is the average income of a college graduate and how does it compare with the average student loan debt?

45 dollars per hour

What is The best way for a student from a low-income background to secure funding for college is to receive .?

a need-based

What is the highest average income needed to qualify for low income housing?

The highest average level of income needed to qualify for low income housing is $15,000 if I am not mistaken. I know that if you cannot be a college student if you plan to apply to live in them.

is insuring a student in Florida who is driving expensive?

No, Allstate has a special insurance plan designed to target young drivers, such as college students, and first time drivers. It's a cheap and affordable monthly rate plan that is made for even the lowest income.

What was the average household income in Florida in 1984?

What was the average household income in Florida in 1984?

Is student loan reportable as income?

No, a student loan is NOT reportable income. Besides, it wouldn't make sense that immediate debt be considered income.

What are minimum income requirements for Medicaid?

Medicaid is health care for indigent persons, so there is no minimum income requirement.

What if the noncustodial parent is in college?

In general, child support is based on a percentage of net income. Being a student doesn't exempt one from paying support, altho lack of income might.

Do i need to file a Florida state income tax return?

Florida does not have an individual state income tax. They do have a corporate income tax.

Can someone with bad credit get student loans?

Student loans are decided upon the income of the student and their parents and also the college course for which they are applying. Debt is not normally considered so even someone with bad debt would possibly be able to get a student loan.

Do you have to pay back students grants for college?

If a student qualifies for a pell gran they do not have to be paid back. Pell grants are issued based on a student income level. Student loans do have to be paid back starting 6 months after you graduate.

Would a low income full time college student be eligible for section 8 housing assistance?

That depends on who lives in the household, how old you are, if your parents are income eligible for section 8 as well.

Minimum income for an NFL football player?

200,000 league minimum

What is the Sarasota Florida city income tax rate?

What is the Sarasota Florida city income tax rate?

How do I get a student loan with bad credit?

When you apply for a student loan you go through the college financial aid office. They will have you fill out a federal student aid form. The form is really centered on income and less on credit. If you are still living at home and supported by your parents they will be required to fill out an income section and attach tax forms. If you are older and living on your own you are considered independent and will answer the income and tax questions yourself. The result of this is a number that is generated and the college will use that number and subtracting the cost of attending the college come up with the amount of your student loan. In this process nothing is said about a credit report. If you want there is a web site you can go to by the federal student loan office and they have an online form.

If you file an federal extension does it automatically extend your state in Florida?

Florida does NOT have a personal income tax form. You do NOT have a personal income tax in Florida.

How do i get a 1500 loan for a student with no job and reasonable credit?

Fill out the FAFSA form at your Financial aid office at your college. It is not based on income or credit.

What provided college preparation for low-income teenagers?

The G.I. Bill, Student loans, scholarships, grants, sponsorship, government aid.

Minimum income to file taxes?

There is not a minimum income one must have in order to file taxes. Anyone can file taxes if they want.