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Q: What is the miter cut for a 45 degree elbow?
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What is the most used miter in finish trim work?

A 45 degree cut.

Do elbow 135 degree and elbow 45 degree are same?

No, elbow 135 degree and elbow 45 degree are different from each other.

Can you use 0.625 multipide by pipe size to calculate take off for 45 degree elbow?

this app help you: "Miter Flat Pattern Design" in

How you cut pipe 30 digree?

We'll generally use a "miter box" to hold the stock to be cut in a fixed position, and then hold the saw at a fixed angle to the stock. Most miter boxes will allow 90 degree, 60 degree, 45 degree or 30 degree cuts. Some specialized ones allow you to cut at any arbitrary angle to the stock.

How do you cut a valley rafter with a compound miter saw?

You set the bevel on your saw to a 45 degree angle. Then set the angle on your saw base to the angle of your plumb cut.

How to find the center of a screwed 45 degree elbow-?

You find the center of a screwed 45 degree elbow by bisecting the angle.

How find the 90 degree elbow center?

How to calculate 90 degree and 40 degree elbow center >For 90 degree elbow(Dia*38.1) this formula used for only 90 degree elbow. >For 45 degree elbow(45/2of tan*Dia*1.5*25.4) this answer obtained in (mm).

What are the common miter cut angles used when cutting crown moulding?

If you are doing a 90 degree corner, the miter angles with each be 45 degrees at the cut. If you are doing a corner that is not square - you are going to need a protractor or another device to measure the angle. Square corner or not, the sum of the miter angles will equal the total angle of the corner.

How do you miter inside 45 degree corner?

You dont.External corners are mitred,while internal corners are scribed.

What issues arise when cutting a 6 inch schedule 80 x 90 degree elbow to make 2 x 45 degree elbows?

cut a 22 1/2 out of it

How do you cut trim to a 45 degree angle?

You need a miter saw. It has a back gauge to butt the wood up to, and then the saw has holders to keep it from wobbling. You can set the angle. It may just have notches for 90 degrees and 45, or it may have a protractor on it.

What is the take off formula off 45 degree elbow pipe?

The take off formula of a 45 degree elbow pipe, will depend on what the pipe is on. Sometimes a 45 degree pipe will need a 90 degree right angle turn to come off.