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The Stevens 311 was marked as model 5000 from about 1920 to 1931, then 5100 until 1941. Most references just list the 311 as if it had the same model number for the entire production period.

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Q: What is the model of your 16 gauge double barrel Springfield JStevens company Chicopee Falls Mass with the number 5100 stamped in the metal?
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Is there any information pertaining to a Springfield-JStevens Arm Company 12 gauge double barrelside by side 2-34 chamber with 5100 stamped on the right hand side of the receiver?

Not much beyond what is stamped on the gun. Manufactured 1931-1941 by the Stevens division of Savage Arms in Chicopee, Mass.

What year is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun stamped jstevens gun company chicoopee falls mass us springfield?

Some guns cannot be dated due to lack of information. Yours is one.

What is the age of a JStevens A and T Co Chicopee Falls Mass USA Pat Apr 17 94 22 Long Rifle with D 83 stamped on the underside?

it means it was manufactured on April 17,1894 . I have the same rifle and manufactured date. I am wondering what the value is . If you find out my e-mail is

What is the age and value of a single shot 32 caliber rifle stamped J Stevens A and T company Chicopee Falls Massachusetts?

== == One is for sale at the Red Mill antiques in Bloomsburg, PA for $198. (07/29/2006)

Where can you find information about a short sword or dagger that is stamped US Springfield and numbered 4321?

You might do an internet search for Springfield + Bayonet.

What information on j Stevens single barrel 410 shotgun break down sn 4770 springfield made by j Stevens chicopee falls mass usa?

I'm having the same probem. Except mine has matching numbers (33NL) stamped on the bottom of the barrel and inside the triger housing. No other numbers Mine also says "Springfield" manufactured by "J.Stevens Arms Company" Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A. Other markings - top of barrel left side -proof tested 410 bore/---3 inch chamber---/ top of barrel right side - Selected Forged Steel. Any info. call.....317/523-1438

What is a sentence for stamped?

The company stamped the person as their best employee. This sentence uses the word stamped in it.

What does HS stand for when stamped on the muzzle end of a 1903 springfield rifle?

High Standard - the manufacturer

What does 356 stamped into monarch silver company piece mean?

I have very old necklace stamped 356 also with a Crown stamped also.

How can you find the model of a Springfield shotgun?

The model number is stamped on the right side of the receiver on many Stevens products.

What is a rifle stamped j Stevens co chicopee falls mass us pat sept 6 1864 worth?

The value of a J Stevens Co Chicopee Falls Mass U.S. Patten September 6, 1864 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 275.00 and 325.00 as of 2014.

When was a Springfield Arms Co model 50 'Springfield Jr ' 22 rifle made and what is its approximate value?

The Springfield Jr. 22 LR was made by Page-Lewis Arms Co. from 1928 until 1933. Springfield Arms Co. never made a rifle with this name. I must be missing something - my Sprinflield Jr does not have Page-Lewis on it. The barrel is stamped with both Sprinfield Jr (at the breech), and Springfield Arms Company 22LR Model 50 on the barrel itself. There is the Springfield US Armory and Springfield Inc., but neither had anything to do with this gun and there was never a manufacturer named Springfield Arms Company. The name was first used, I think, by Page Lewis and in a confusing mess of purchases of one company by another, it was used by Crescent Firearms, Crescent-Davis, and eventually by the Stevens division of Savage Arms. Stevens guns often seem to have a name marked on the gun and a model number in the reference books, but this time we're lucky and have both on the gun. The Stevens model 50 is a bolt action single shot, so could remotely resemble the US 1903 Springfield military rifle and it wouldn't surprise me if they sold it as a Springfield Jr. I can't find any dates of production, but Stevens stopped using the Springfield Arms name on shotguns in 1948. The only reference I have with values for the Model 50 is several years old, but the top price listed is $150. I'll bet it hasn't gone up too much and an "average" price would be less than $100. This is not really an answer. My husband has a Page Lewis Model 50 Springfield Jr. that needs a part for it, the ejector. Someone lost the one on his rifle. Could you tell us where we might find a part for this? Or find a schematic for it? Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you. Answer: I have a .22 L.R. Bolt action rifle exactly like the one you are talking about. On the barrel it say's "Page-Lewis Arms Company Chicopee Falls. Mass. U.S.A. 22 L.R. Model 50" and back near the bolt it says "Springfield Jr" ANSWER; I also have a rifle that has Springfield Arms Company Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A. 22 L.R. Model 50 on the barrel and SPRINGFIELD JR. opposite of bolt . I would like to know more history behind this rifle than that which has already been provided. Maybe you could give a site where I might find additional information. ( My gun has been handed down for generations. It's the family Hog killing gun.) Please reply. CHRIS

What does mk mean stamped in a ring?

That is the company or maker.

How do you research the serial number for a springfield 1911 a1 stamped ww93834?

your 1911 was made by Colt in 1914. if your slide is marked 'springfield' it is the wrong slide for your Colt 1911. however, the wrong slide in use is not unusual.

What does NYCE4 stamped on the right side of a Springfield 5100 16g shotgun mean?

Is it just stamped on one peice of the gun? I have a 5100 12g and each section (Stock, forestock and barrel) are stamped with a number (8WGK) to identify that they go together, kind of like a serial number.

What is the age of a single barrel 20 gauge 30 inch barrel shotgun stamped Mass Arms Co Chicopee Falls purchased second hand in 1905?

Does it say "Mass" or "Massachusetts" Arms?

What does HSE stamped on a ring mean?

possibly initails, or a company

What is the age of a 22 caliber Springfield Model 15 made by Savage Arms Company and not stamped J Stevens Arms and where can you buy parts?

The gun was made in 1938. Parts here

What does LC stamped on the inside of a ring mean?

It probably refers to a company.

How do I tell what gauge a Springfield arms double barrel shotgun is?

as your looking down the gun, the gauge should be stamped on the left barrel back by the stock.

Why do Remington sps rifles cost less?

US Military weapons, primarily rifles and pistols were built under contract by several different kinds of companies. For example Singer sewing machine company made some Model 1911 .45 automatic pistols; Colt made some; Ivor Johnson may have made some; etc. M-14 Rifles sent off to the Vietnam War in the 1960's were often made by Harrington & Richardson, Remington, or Winchester, to name a few. If any Springfield model 1903 bolt action rifles have "Springfield" stamped on them then they are more valued than a Springfield rifle with "Remington" stamped on it. If a Winchester model 92 has "Winchester" stamped on it, it'll be far more valuable to a collector than a Winchester model 1892 with an Italian companies name stamped on it (Italy makes the most copies of US cowboy firearms). A word of caution: Today's HENRY repeating rifles which are MADE IN THE USA uses a marketing ploy, "inferring" in it's advertisement that it is the original HENRY RIFLE of American History. It will have HENRY stamped upon it; be advised those are NOT original Henry rifles; they are from a company named HENRY that was created in about 1992 in New York.

What is the model of a 12 gauge Springfield J Stevens Arms Co side by side with 30'' barrels?

Model 225 (usually stamped on the bottom of the reciever)

What does RA stamped in silver jewelry mean?

It is the initials of the company that manufactured the Jewelry.

What does 10KCAL stamped jewelry mean?

When jewelry has 10KCAL stamped on it, the 10K means that the jewelry is 10 karat. The CAL is a mark that shows the company that made the piece.

What is the value of a 25-Stevens it is stamped J Stevens Chicopee Falls Mass Apr 17 94?

This is probably an 1894 Favorite. Depending on condition, it is worth $125(poor) to $400 (excellent). A drawback is the scarcity of .25-caliber ammunition.