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Find moles of HCl first.

1.56 grams HCl (1mole HCl/36.458 grams) = 0.0428 moles HCl

Molarity = moles of solute/volume of solution

Molarity = 0.0428 moles/26.8 ml

= 0.00160 milli-Molarity, or more to the point;

= 1.60 X 10^-6 Molarity of HCl


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No. Steel is a solid solution. An example of a gaseous solution would be air.

A solution (from the verb to solve), is the answer to a question, problem, or disagreement.ChemistryA solution consists of one or more liquid, gaseous, or solid substances added to another, usually a liquid, so as to form a homogeneous mixture (a dissolving).

Air is an example of a gaseous solution, as is each layer of atmosphere.

When multiple gases are combined and become uniformly mixed a gaseous solution is formed. An example of a gaseous solution is the atmosphere.

A gaseous solution is when two or more gases are mixed together and become uniformly intermingled.The atmosphere is a gaseous solution. It consists of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, water, methane, and some other minor components.A gaseous solution is two gases that are mixed together and become uniformly intermingles. An example of a gaseous solution is the atmosphere.

Solvent is a substance with dissolving capability, thus can dissolve another substance. Solvents can be in a liquid, gaseous or solid state Solute is a substance that dissolves in a solvent in order to form a solution. Solutes can be in liquid, gaseous or solid phase. Normally, in a solution, solutes are in a lesser amount than the solvent

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its not an element according to the periodic table

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no air is a mixture of gases, a solution is when a solute dissolves in a solvent ie putting salt(solute) into water(solvent) to make salty water(solution)

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The pure nitrogen is a chemical element, gaseous at room temperature.

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