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The money or currency of Togo is CFA franc. Officially, Togo is called Togolese Republic. The motto of the country is Work, Liberty, Homeland.

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Q: What is the money of togo?
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What is Togo money is called?

the Togo money is called West African CFA franc.

How much money has been donated to the United Nations by Togo?


How much 1000 us dollar in Togo money?

1 dollar

Give you info on togo togo?

togo is a place in west africa. there are lot of people that are very poor. my dad akounda is from togo.the beaches are nice but they have trash people dudu in the water,its real nasty so if u want to be a helper please please go to togo and lend some money thank u.

What type of money do people use in Togo?

Togo's official currency is the West African CFA franc. The country's official name is the Togolese Republic, and it's capital is Lome.

Who colonized Togo?

Germany colonized togo and France gave togo its independence

Did togo the dog race in TOGO?


Who is togo and where is he now?

togo is an Iditarod sled dog who died in 1997. Togo is in doggy heaven

What is the birth name of Jonathan Togo?

Jonathan Togo's birth name is Jonathan Frederick Togo.

Are there hippos in togo?

Yes, there are hippos in Togo.

What type of government does Togo have?

Togo is a republic

What is the size of Togo?

The size of Togo is 56.600km2

What is the latitude and longitude of the capital of togo?


What is the tallest mountain in Togo?

the togo hill

When was Togo's created?

Togo's was created in 1967.

Why Nimitz restore fund for Admiral Togo's flag ship?

Because Admiral Nimitz respected Admiral Togo. When he was young Nimitz met Togo and was imspired by Togo.

What is the of togo in square kilometres?

Togo is 56,785 km2

How small is togo?

Togo is smaller the West Virgina.

Who is the leader of Togo?

The President of Togo is Faure Gnassingbe.

What does Togo mean?

togo is a country in west Africa .

Does togo have a national bird?

Togo does not have a national bird.

What type of economy does togo have?

Togo has a market economy.

Are there lakes in togo?

Yes there are many lakes in Togo

What is Togo name in french?

It's the same - Togo

How do you spell Togo in French?

le Togo (masc.)

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