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1/2 per month

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50 to 260 inches of rainfall a year.

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it can vary from 60 degrees to 260

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Q: What is the monthly amount of rainfall in a rainforest?
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What rainforest has the highest rainfall?

The rain forest with the larger amount of rainfall is The Amazon.

What is the monthly average rainfall for the rainforest in Fiji for 2007?

The monthly average rainfall for the rainforest in Fiji in 2007 was approximately 500mm per month. This can vary slightly depending on the specific location within the rainforest.

What is the amount of rainfall in the rainforest?

25 meters ur welcome

Which place on earth gets the greatest amount of rainfall?

The jungle/rainforest

What biome that has a large amount of rainfall high temperatures and poor soil?

Tropical Rainforest!

Which biome has the greatest amount of rainfall and variation species?

The rainforest.

Monthly Amount of rainfall in Asian rainforests?

I'm sorry, but i do not know the MONTHLY amount of rainfall in Asian Rainforests. However, the annual rainfall in Asian rainforests range from 60-100 inches. I hope that i could help you.

Which habitat receives a great amount of rainfall and its temperatures remain warm all year?

The tropical rainforest.

What is the average rainfall in the Amazon Rainforest?

The average rainfall in the amazon rainforest is 347 days a year

Average rainfall in the rainforest?

It rains about 75% of the time in the rainforest

Which biome receives the greatest amount of annual rainfall?

Tropical rainforests typically receive the greatest amount of annual rainfall, ranging from 80 to 400 inches per year.

What is the amount of rain fall does a tropical rain forest have?

A tropical rainforest has a typical rainfall of 250 cm per year.