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What is the most accurate stock market indicator?

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Moving averages. And even then, they are not that good.

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Why is the stock market important?

The stock market is a symbol of the nations economy and strength. A country whose stock market is sound and going up is considered to be in great economic status.Since the stock market comprises of the shares of the largest and most successful companies in the country its considered the indicator for the nations economy and industrial production.

Most stock holders who made money on the stock market .?

Most stock holders who made money on the stock market?

Where can one find the stock market data for AGRO?

One can find the most accurate stock market date for AGRO by browsing any real-time stock market websites. CNN Money, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and The Street all over live stock market data for AGRO. One can also get daily updates in the newspaper or on money and business radio stations.

What capital market instrument is the most important?

The most important capital market instrument is the stock. The stock market is instrumental in obtaining stock for new and established companies and corporations.

Which investment has the most risk?

The stock market

What are some companies that are on the stock market?

most of the companies are in the stock market. here are some that are Walmart, Dollartree and many more

Is the Vanguard Total Stock Market high risk?

All stock market is high-risk. The stock market is always changing and there is no foolproof way to be sure of your investment. Vanguard Total Stock Market may be higher risk than most but not by much.

Do you have to pay account fees at Stock Market online?

I am not sure which stock marketsite you are asking about, however most online stock market sites do have small fees that must be payed. Please be more specific about which stock market online site you are interested in.

The value at which stock market closed on the most recent trading day?

what is the value at which the stock marketclosed on the recent tradind day

In what publications can you find stock market quotes?

You can find stock market quotes in the Wall Street Journal and most major newspapers.

Is the stock market open or closed?

The stock market is open it has 10 days that it is closed. Those are the 10 most known holidays.

Where can one find the most current stock market news on the internet?

There are a number of websites that display most current stock market news online.Some of the popular websites where you can find most current stock market news on the internet are-;;;;

What did most stock holders who made money on the stock market do?

continued to buy more stocks

What are objectives of composing indices?

A Stock market index is an indicator that shows us the performance of the stock market as a whole.For example The BSE Index or the Sensex as it is popularly known, is the index of the performance of the 30 largest & most profitable, popular companies listed in the index. Each company that is part of the index has its own weightage in the value of the Index.

Which Stock Exchange is known as the most liquid?

The 'forex market' is the most liquid market where foreign currencies are traded. The U.S. dollar is the most liquid currency in this market.

What is the website to get to the stock market feed?

There are several websites that offer a stock market feed. The most ones are NASDAQ and NYSE websites. It is important to decide which market you want to watch first.

What's the latest news on Investor's Business Daily?

The most news you will find is about the stock market and its recent down slope and how it will effect the job market, stock market and houseing industries.

What sort of stock market info does The Street provide?

The Street provide real-time trading information, stock market overview, business news, market data, stock analysis and trading pros and cons for the most popular stocks.

Where can you find Stock market Report online?

There are numerous sites online from which you can get a stock market report. Most major newspapers carry a report as well as most major financial institutions' websites.

What year did the american stock market crash?

The American stock market has "crashed" numerous times throughout history. The most popular crash occured in 1929.

What books will provide you with a stock market investing 101 level of understanding?

Books stores are filled with books outlining the basics of stock market investing. Some of the most popularly purchased of these books include "Stock Investing for Dummies", "Stock Market 101 Simplified", and "Investing 101."

How can you learn about stock market investing?

First National Equities Limited (FNEL) is a leading online stock trading and brokerage firm in Pakistan We bring you the most authentic data and latest updates of PSX.pakistan stock exchange live indexpakistan stock exchange newsstock exchange brokeragestock brokertradingPakistan share market

Most trades are made in what market?

The New York Stock Exchange

What is the most stolen book from the library about the stock market?

Margin of Safety

Which of these contributed most to the beginning of the Great Depression?

The collapse of the stock market

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