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Landline phones are a regulated service, so this will differ by state. VOIP is generally cheaper overall, though.

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Q: What is the most affordable landline phone service in the US?
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Which companies have affordable landline phone service in the United States?

The most popular landline phone service in the US comes from AT&T or Verizon. You can also look into Vonage, which is like a landline over the internet.

What is the most affordable landline phone service in Burlington, NC?

Time Warner Cable provides local phone reasonably. They can be reached at 316 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC - (336) 584-1380 The most affordable landline phone service in Burlington, NC is the basic plan of verizon. Verizon offers a monthly plan of $39.99 and it is the cheapest in the nation.

What's the most affordable landline phone service Would it be cheaper than the most affordable cell phone service?

It depends on how much you use your phone. I just pay $15 q month for a verizon pay as you go but hardly use it while a land line is a set higher price all the time.

What are the advantages of using a landline phone service over cellular?

A landline phone is much more relaible. It will most commonly have more reliable service as opposed to a callular phone, which can have outtages and blackout areas.

What is the most recommended landline phone service?

The most recommended landline phone is AT&T. There are other recommended landline phones that are available as well. If you wanted to find out more visit Walmart, Target, Best Buy or Walgreens.

Are there still phone companies with landline service?

Yes. Landline service is still available in most areas. It is generally cheaper than cell phone service, though obviously it doesn't allow for the same degree of mobility.

Do landline phone service providers offer dsl deals?

Yes most landline phone services today also offer internet and sometimes cable services bundled together. Ask you service provider what special they have.

Looking for affordable phone companies?

The most affordable phone service company is T-Mobile. They offer unlimited plans for around $50-$60

What is the best phone plan for my landline phone?

For most people the basic package of phone service for a landline is enough. Adding call waiting and voice mail are the most popular extra features. Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you are in need of a long distance plan or not.

What is the benefit of using internet phone providers?

Internet phone providers are usually cheaper than a landline service. The phone quality is also better most of the time as well.

What are the options for Landline Phone Service in Concord, NH?

AT&T offers the most dependable service in your city. Of course, you can choose another company, but AT&T is reliable and competitively priced.

Who are some cheap home phone service providers?

I have heard that the most affordable phone service comes from You may also consider getting a prepaid cellphone. By putting just as much money on your phone that you will use, you ultimately save money. Also try walmart for some affordable phone plans.

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