What is the most common last name in the English language?

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According to the 1990 US Census, the most common last name was Smith (2.7 million people had this as their last name).

What is the most common language in the world?

Which language is most common depends on how you define "mostcommon." . The language used by most people is Mandarin Chinese, followedby English and Spanish. The language spoken by most countries isEnglish, followed by French then Spanish. . Native Speakers . 1. Chinese (1.1 billion) 2. Hindi (3 ( Full Answer )

What are the US states where English in not the most common language?

English is still the most widely spoken language in all 50 states of the United States of America. Several states do have sizable minorities who have English as a second language or who do not speak English. In all states there are neighborhoods and communities where English is not the most common ( Full Answer )

What is the most common last name in the world?

The most common last name in the world is Chang (Zhang). It is should be Lee. It rank 2nd in china after wong. It rank 2nd in Korea after kim It rank 24 in the US.

What is the most common word in the English language?

There are many huge lists of the most common words in the English language, but the top-ranked most commonly used word would be "the", quickly followed by "very", "though", and "just"..

What is the most common last name?

Smith, Miller, Jones, Lopez(Mexican), Chin(Chinese), USA: Smith Mexico: Lopez Italian: something ending in a vowel The most common last name is probably the Asian surname Chen, with around 93 million people possessing that name.

What is the most common last name in UK?

The answer is Jones ther was two records set for this name they got lost of people with the sear name Jones to meet together and the most popular british last name

Most common last name in nfl?

Williams - 50 Johnson - 48 Smith - 41 Brown - 37 Jones - 29 Davis - 28 Thomas - 22 Jackson - 21 As of the 2009 season, 1/11/2010.

What are the most common last names in Iran?

Nikahd, Okhovat, Latifpour, Aliaabaadi, Javaherian, Hemmati, Oveisi, Shakiba, Arjmand, Akbari, Amiri, Amirpour, Amirzadeh,Fallahi,Habibi, Modarres, Tale', Zarindast, Zarindoost, Zarin, Hamidi, Poursorkh, Omidi, Golzar, Radan, Hayayi, Karimi, Tehrani, Seddigh, Omidzadeh, Alizadeh, Eliaszadeh, Shaker ( Full Answer )

Why English is a common language?

The growth of English as a common language started with the massive colonial empire of the United Kingdom, which in 1921 covered one quarter of the world's land and one quarter of the world's population. The United Kingdom, of course, had English as its language. The expansion of English continued a ( Full Answer )

Most common first and last name in UK?

I'm 18, and the most common name in my high school was Tom, everyone's called Tom. Drives me mental, so many people are called Tom, you stop answering to your own name because when someone shouts your name, they mean someone else. What is the point of a name you don't answer to?

What is the most common English name?

Boys . Jacob . Michael . Ethan . Joshua . Daniel . Christopher . Anthony . William . Andrew Girls . Emily . Isabella . Emma . Ava . Madison . Sophia . Olivia . Abigail . Hannah . Elizabeth

What is the most common Polish last name?

The two most common Polish last names are Nowak (which comes from the word new , in Polish nowy ) and Kowalski (the origin of which is the same as of the English last name Smith - kowal means in English locksmith ).

What is the most common African last name?

It would be almost impossible to know for sure since educational or related institution on the continent do not neccessarly have the money to engage in such studies, i ran into this question when i was investigating my Last name MBUYA, i found people with this last name in at least seven countries s ( Full Answer )

Is English the most common language?

Not really because there are countries that have their own languages. But because of global communication, the English language is becoming more relevant. The English language is the most common language in the world, as it is used in official business worldwide. We still have some other languages t ( Full Answer )

What is the most common last name in the baseball hall of fame?

Robinson and Williams with four inductees each: Robinson 1) Brooks - played with the Baltimore Orioles between 1955-1977. 1964 AL MVP, 1966 All Star Game MVP, and 1970 World Series MVP. 15 times All Star selection and 16 time Gold Glove winner. 2) Frank - played with the Reds, Orioles, Dodge ( Full Answer )

What is the common problems is English language?

Well in my school, the most common mistakes in the English language are their, they're and there. There are differences between these words and hardly anybody wants to know what these differences are. So when you ask a similar or relevant question or you DID type this question and or are looking it ( Full Answer )

What language is most common to Muslims?

Arabic is the language most commonly used by Muslims because it is the language of the Koran. Most Muslims believe their Holy Book should only be read in the original Arabic, so, whatever other language they know, they generally also learn Arabic. Arabic literacy, however, among non-Arabs is stagg ( Full Answer )

Is English the most used language?

Mandarin has the most number of native speakers, but English is the most widely used langague in the world.

Which language is most understood after English?

Chinese has second greatest number of people who speak it, after English. (Note: While more people speak Chinese primarily than those who primarily speak English, more have English as a primary or secondary language than have Chinese as a primary or secondary language.)

What languages are the most like English?

No language is Very like English but those closest are all the latin languages: Italian, French, Spanish etc., they have a huge vocabulary in common. Frisian is the closest living relative of English. Dutch also has large similarities.

Why is English the most flexible language?

English is not the most flexible language, but it does have a high degree of flexibility because so much has been borrowed from other languages. The fact that English has no noun classes, no case endings, and few verb congujations also makes is a flexible language.

What is the last word in the English language?

Your trick question was answered long ago (1944) when, in California, a mapdot-type town wanted their name to be 'the last word' and so named it 'Zzyzx'. Located within ten minutes' driving time of Baker, California, on the edge of the Mojave National Preserve, if you blink, you WILL miss it! For ( Full Answer )

Tell me the most common last name in the phone book?

Smith Johnson Jones Williams Brown Davis Answer: This depends on which phonebook you are using - the above list works for the USA but worldwide the most common name (and likely the most common in a phone book locally or in total is Chang. It should be noted that Smith, the most popu ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 most common hispanic last names?

If i were going to guess, i would say Ruiz, Garcia, and lopez, my last name is ruiz and I have searched it before where someone said ruiz was the most common.

What language is most common as a first language?

The most common first language, or mother tongue, is Mandarin Chinese. Around a billion people speak it as a first language, most of them situated in China and Taiwan. This language also has the highest number of total speakers, that's is, including people that speak it as a second or third language ( Full Answer )

Is English the most hardest language?

That is a faulty question since it completely depends on whether you learned eastern languages first or western languages. Western are based off the Latin alphabet, which are interchangeable pieces which combine to form words. Eastern uses strict characters which each represent a meaning, and is ( Full Answer )

Is English the most illogical language?

No. There is no such thing as an illogical language. English does have a spelling system that seems at times illogical, but spelling and language are two entirely different things.

Which are common mistake in English language?

Well, not to be rude but there is a mistake in your question, instead of just mistake, it would be mistakes because it is plural. The most common mistake I think in the English language is sheeps and fishes. The plural is sheep and fish. But when you are referring to multiple kinds of fish the word ( Full Answer )

Why is English the most common language spoken in the commomwealth?

Simply because it is the British Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is the remains of the old British Empire which used to also include U.S.A. latger part of Africa than now, most of the sub continent. About i/3 of the world was once coloured pink on any atlas to show that it was British. Of course the ( Full Answer )

What are the most common Italian last names?

Some of the most common Italian surnames are Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Esposito and Bianchi.Other popular names are Romano, Colombo, Ricci, Greco and Marino.

What are some of the most common homonyms in the English language?

In the English language, homonyms are multiple words that sound exactly the same, but are spelled different and have different meanings. Among the most common of these are the homonyms cell and sell, dear and deer, and minor and miner.

Is English the most common language in the world?

Yes English is the most common language in the world. English as been official declared as the worlds official language although there are other languages used based on your origin.