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What is the most common port on a computer system because most peripheral devices connect to it?


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Based on current tends, the USB Port is the most universal and popular port to connect a wide number of devices too.

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A PC card is used to connect peripheral devices to a notebook computer.

By using peripheral devices and the various input ports and sockets.

i think by a port. im doing computer homework and im not positive if that's the answer but i think so

A peripheral is a device that is connected to a computer. The most common peripheral device is a printer.

A modem is a peripheral device based on the fact that peripheral devices are devices located on the outside of a computer

Gto enable peripheral devices to connect to a computer. It's designed so that - no matter what the device is - the computer will 'recognise' it.

Keyboard, mouse, webcam, USB devices.

Well, a periphel device is any device that can connect to the outside of a computer system, anything that cannot connect directly to the outside of a computer would be classed as a non peripheral device.

A scanner is the computer peripheral used as an input in an office. Input devices are things you attach to a computer.

Computer peripheral equipment refers to any devices connected to a computer. Some examples of computer peripheral equipment include printers and scanners.

It enables the computer to communicate with the peripheral devices.

Peripheral devices are devices used with a computer. Most think of peripherals as non-essential devices like printers, mice, joysticks, speakers, etc. The exact function depends on the exact peripheral.

Peripheral devices are used to input information to the computer or to output information from the computer. Examples of peripheral devices include a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, a printer, and a flash drive.

Peripheral Devices. Keyboards and such for input and monitors and such for output. All are connected and considered peripheral devices.

peripheral external connected to computer as printer, keyboard, monitor, mouse and internally called integrated peripheral

according to wikepedia, A peripheral is a device that is connected to a host computer, but not part of it.

No FireWire does not need a separate power supply to operate. FireWire is used to connect peripheral devices to a computer.

Keyboard,Mouse,Printer/Scanner,USB Devices

Not all external peripheral devices need a cable. There are a growing number of devices that use wifi (wireless and no cable required). You can use a wifi keyboard and a wifi mouse. There are wifi printers, and so on.

A computer peripheral, or peripheral device, is an external object that provides input and output for the computer. Some common input devices include: * joystick * pen tablet * MIDI keyboard * digital camera * video camera

A peripheral is a device attached to a host computer, but not part of it.Some common peripheral devices are keyboards, printers, computer monitors

periperal is a device that is in the computer

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