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What is the most damaging part of a thunderstorm?

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wind A stationary front

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How does a severe thunderstorm affect us?

A severe thunderstorm affects people by damaging properties, damaging landscape, some people may die

What thunderstorm produces the most damaging tornadoes?

A supercell. The majority of tornadoes, strong or weak, form from these storms.

What is a heavy thunderstorm?

A heavy thunderstorm is a thunderstorm that has a severe threat (damaging wind, heavy rain, hail, possible tornado) but is not yet alerted to be a severe thunderstorm

Most damaging part of a hurricane?

The most damaging part of a hurricane is the storm surge. The most damaging area of a hurricane is the eyewall, where the strongest winds and highest storm surge occur.

What is the most dangerous part of a thunderstorm why?

The most dangerous part of a thunderstorm is the middle of the storm because the two fronts are pushing against each other at that point.

Is a tornado part of a thunderstorm?

Yes. A tornado can be though of as part of a larger parent thunderstorm, though most thunderstorms do not produce tornadoes.

What is a sever thunder storm?

seriously? its a really bad possibly damaging thunderstorm

What is the most damaging part of a tornado?

That depends on the tornado. In a single vortex tornado the most damaging part would be the edge of the tornado's core, analogous to the eye wall of a hurricane. In a multiple vortex tornado, the most damaging part would be the subvotices that orbit within the main circulation of the tornado.

What most damaging part of a hurricane?

The strongest part of the hurricane is the storm surge.

What part of speech is thunderstorm?

The part of speech for THUNDERSTORM is a noun. Because it is a thing in the sky.

Why do thunderstorms produce damaging winds?

The primary cause of damaging winds in a thunderstorm is something called a downburst. This occurs when a mass of air within a thunderstorm cools and starts to fall. It hits the ground at great speed and spreads out horizontally, producing damaging winds that in some cases can be well over 100 mph.

What is a supercell hailstorm?

A hailstorm is a thunderstorm that produces hail, a form of hard, frozen precipitation. A supercell is the most powerful class of thunderstorm on Earth, characterized by a strong, rotating updraft. Because of the strong updraft, supercells are the most likely kind of storm to produce damaging hail.

When is a thunderstorm most intense?

A thunderstorm is most intence when its just begginging.

When was the most dangerous thunderstorm?

the most dangerous thunderstorm is severe thunderstorms

What are the similarities of tornadoes and thunderstorm?

Both are types of storm that can produce damaging winds and are fueled by warm, moist air, though tornadoes indirectly so. A tornado is a product of a thunderstorm.

What part of the storm that spawns the tornado?

Most tornadoes develop from a portion of a thunderstorm called a mesocyclone.

Is it true that a severe storm warning means that severe thunderstorms have formed and people should get inside?

Yes. A severe thunderstorm waring means that there is a thunderstorm capable of producing damaging winds and hail. Most severe storms also produce dangerous lightning as well.

Why are gust fronts produced often by air mass thunderstorms important to monitor?

The gust front of a thunderstorm, including an air mass thunderstorm, can produce strong, potentially damaging winds.

What are down drafts?

Downdrafts are damaging winds on or near the ground. They are called downbursts or microbursts if caused by a thunderstorm which they usually are

What stages form a thunderstorm?

The cumulus stage, in which the thunderstorm develops, the mature stage, in which the thunderstorm is most intense, and the dissipating stage, in which the thunderstorm declines and ends.

What scale can you measure a thunderstorms damage?

There is no scale for measuring thunderstorm damage.The Enhanced Fujita scale, however, is used to rate tornado damage. The guidelines of this scale can be used to estimate damaging thunderstorm winds, but no thunderstorm in itself would receive an actual EF rating.

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