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Any of the Pit Vipers are nothing to toy with. This group includes such snakes as the Viper proper, the Copperhead (Beautiful and dangerous) and the Cobras, for many years, maybe still true, there was/is no effective antivenin (serum against snake bite) for the Copperhead and other pit vipers, or it was extremely expensive, tended to degrade in storage (as do all drugs) and might not be available in need. the old memory jog about red to yellow, kill a fellow! is still true. Practically all vipers and poisonous snakes have triangular shaped heads. Opinion is divided whether the term pit viper refers to the snake's facial structure, eye pits, or the habitat, pits, tunnels mine sites. Somewhat oddly I have never heard of a miner being bitten by a snake!-Though prospectors in California were well aware of this hazard the saying was one fair strike could kill a mule!-probably so.

Many naturalists consider the African Honey Badger to be the most vicious and dangerous of animals because of its berserk fits of rage.

Australia is said to have "the most dangerous animals" in the world. Due to Australia's vastness and unchallenged nature, the box jellyfish, the funnelweb spider and the Irikanji jellyfish are very deadly indeed. Each of those animals mentioned, have a neuro-toxin called Tetradotoxin, which causes paralysis to the victim. Left untreated, these wounds can be fatal within a few minute of being stung/bitten. The snake in question, is the fierce snake (closely related to eastern brown snake) which , on the record , has the most toxic venom in the world. Such variety and abundance of dangerous creatures in Australia, that no matter what you do in your daily life, you have to watch your every step to avoid something (potentially fatal) happening. Research into the individual species of these animals is highly recommended.

The TRUE factual answer....

We are the most dangerous animals. Humans.


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There are many dangerous animals in Indonesia including snakes, lizards, and wasps. The most dangerous of these animals is the Megalara garuda wasp.

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