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  • hippos are the most dangerous animals to humans in Africa
  • then elephants
  • then lions etc...

Don´t forget the malaria mosquito and its disease-inducing microorganism.

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Is the most dangerous animal on he world

No, We are the most dangerous animal on Earth

The most dangerous animal in the US is ourselves: humans. We are a threat to our own existence. Humans kill more humans than any mosquito, bear, bovine or bison anywhere.

There are lots of dangerous animals in England, but dangeroud to what? The most dangerous to anything is probably Humans.

humans are number 1 on the deadliest animal

No. They are herbivores. But they are the most dangerous wild animal and can attack and kill humans.

The Hippopotamus kills more people in Africa each year than any other animal.

The most Dangerous animals in the world besides humans are probaly the lions, hippos, and the white tigers. But many other animals are dangerous too.

Of all the larger land animals of Africa, the hippo is the most dangerous and kills a number of humans each year.

The most dangerous mammal to humans is another human. Humans kill more other humans than any other species on earth. If we eliminate humans, the hippopotamus is the most dangerous mammal on earth. It kills more people each year in Africa than any other mammal (excluding other humans, of course.)

The mosquito is the most dangerous animal in Africa because it gives people malaria, dengue, and other diseases. Malaria kills over a million Africans each year. Other dangerous animals in Africa include: Hippopotamus Humans African Elephant Black Mamba Nile Crocodile Great White Shark Lion Puff Adder Cape Buffalo African Rhino

The animal that's killed most humans is the mosquitoe. The animal that has caused most devistation to the environment and other species is the homo sapien.

humans are the most dangerous animal on earth because other animals can cause only physical harms but humans can cause emotional, mental and physical harms for their selfish benefits

Most animal feces is dangerous if ingested by humans. Turkey buzzard feces may be a little more dangerous because bacteria dangerous to humans can live comfortably in the gut of buzzards.

Good Question! You might be surprised but the simple mosquito is one of the most dangerous animal. I hoped this was what you were looking for!

Yes, they are actually one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals in Africa and kill more humans then the big cats do.

the most dangerous animal is the rattle snake

The most dangerous underwater animal is a piranha.

humans, we have guns The Human Being The Human Being

No. Hippos may be the most dangerous animals in Africa towards humans, but they will never eat a human. They are herbivorous mammals, not carnivores.

Humans. After humans, the second most intelligent are probably chimpanzees or bonobos. Then gorillas or elephants. Great apes are usually the most intelligent.

The most dangerous animal in texas would be a rattlesnake.

Haitians. They're the most dangerous animal in Haiti.

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