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I really don't know.The most dangerous stingray is the one that Steve Irwin got stung by?

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Are manta ray fish dangerous?

No mantas aren't dangerous, they are completely harmless, as they do not contain a stinger such as the stingray.

What part of the stingray is dangerous?

the tail of the stingray is the deadliest. It has a sharp barb which can break off in a wound once stung. it is then that venom is emitted into the wound which can cause death.

What is the most dangerous kind of ray?

Well I heard that the stingray is the most deadliest because its sting can kill u in one touch and its back is covered in venom. This is true. Interesting question...

What happens when a stingray bites?

The most dangerous part of the stingray is the barbed, poisoned tail. The mouth isn't really of much concern. Don't worry though. I have been bitten by a stingray (true story) and it doesn't have any teeth. It's like you took two pieces of sandpaper and pressed them on your hands. Discovering that my hand was not tasty, it spat it out. Nothing to be afraid of.

What is the most dangerous marine animal?

That is a very debatable question. The potential for human harm is highest among animals such as the jellyfish, the stingray, and (if one is a diver) the Moray and Electric eel. The barracuda can be dangerous, but usually only if provoked. A shark is the greatest - but also the rarest - danger. That is just a few considerations. Difficult to give a "most dangerous" answer.

Is stingray dangerous?

yes they are the can inject you tith poison and it could hurt u verry bad or kill you

What does a stingray tattoo symbolize?

A stingray tattoo symbolizes confident, competent, and prepared for anything. Most Divers like stingrays for tattoos.

Is a stingray warm or cold blooded?

Most are cold-blooded.

Do stingray mate for life?

No, a stingray does not mate for life. The time they mate will vary based on where the Stingray is located and the species of the Stingray.

Is a stingray a mammal?

noNo, a stingray is not a mammal. A stingray is a type of fish which is related to the shark.

What is the height and length of a stingray?

the length is 14ft.the width varies from stingray to stingray.

What is the scientific name for the stingray?

A Stingray.

Is a stingray a crustacean?

No a stingray is not a crustacean.

What senses does the stingray use the most?

they mostly use their eye sight.

What is the most deadly stingray in the world?

the one that killed stevey irwin

How does a stingray breathe?

Gills on the underbelly of the stingray.

How is stingray leather made?

With a dead stingray

What would win stingray or eal?


Is a stingray a mammal or amphibian?

The stingray is a fish.

Is a stingray a producer or consumer?

a stingray is a consumer.

What part of a stingray stings?

It is the tail of the stingray that stings. A stingray has a barbed stinger surrounded by a sheath.

Why are stingrays endangered?

Some species of stingrays are endangered due to pollution and overfishing. Some species of stingray that are endangered are the Ganges Stingray, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Izu Stingray, and the Marbled Freshwater Stingray.

What are the ratings and certificates for Stingray - 1964 Stingray 1-1?

Stingray - 1964 Stingray 1-1 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What kind of skin do stingray have?

what type of skin does a stingray have

What class of animal does a stingray belong to?

A stingray is a mollusk

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